Has a white person ever touched your hair without permission?

Posted 5 months.


  • Tameika - 5 months ago

    She wasn't white. It was the Korean lady that owned the salon I used to go to to get my nails done. She was amazed I was black and had natural super curly hair. The other black ladies in the salon looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads.

  • Arian - 5 months ago

    I went to a PWI.....so the answer is yes

  • Sean - 5 months ago

    I'm white in Japan and Japanese people have touched my hair on multiple occasions, does that count?

    probly not.

  • grapecranberry - 5 months ago

    When you have long locs like me, some people think it's hilarious to walk up to you, grab a handful and drape them over their own heads like a wig. That's right. They put not just their hands but their entire head in your hair.
    Believe it or not, most of the strangers who have touched my hair have been Black. Just like white people want to touch our hair because they've never felt the texture before, some Black people want to know what locs feel like and will just walk up and start petting me. It's not cool, whoever you are.
    I'm really not very confrontational and I have yet to slap or cuss someone for doing this, but I might get there one day! Don't try the wrong one!

  • April McClendon - 5 months ago

    A coworkers daughter wanted to touch my fresh new hair do that I came into work with. When I moved my head away and told the little girl no, she became upset and went and told her mom! Her mom came to me and thought she could tell me to let her daughter touch my hair! She became mad and loud because I didn’t want their nasty hands in new my hair do! Whatever pleasantries we had before was gone after that. To me, her being a white woman she felt like she could tell me what to do and that I should do it.

  • Freezer - 5 months ago

    I don't have hair to touch. So naturally, my bald head became the target, The look of hurt and betrayal on people's faces if when I duck away from their questing hands is a thing of wonder.

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