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  • TurningPoint - 4 years ago

    I'm from California, Hispanic and voted Democrat most of my life. I agree with Senator Rand Paul 100% and support him despite the fact I'm not a Libertarian. I am extremely alarmed about radicalized this country is becoming on both sides. Were I Russian, I'd risk MAD to prevent the loss of Sevastopol, a naval port they've had about 200 years, and also prevent Ukraine becoming part of NATO. It's bizarre to me that people don't see how destabilizing our foreign policy is becoming. We are in dire need of a PRAGMATIC, rational foreign policy. Politicians and pundits love evoking Reagan's name but there's nothing Reaganesque about our foreign policy now. He ended the Cold War, and Obama brought it back! I have written you in the past to thank you but I'd also like to thank you here,thank you very much Senator Rand Paul.

  • NH Making Waves - 4 years ago

    I applaud this site for airing content that recognizes other nations exist, that their people have independent views, and that they sometimes have strong feelings that American actions are aggressive towards them. A perfect example is the US-backed covert overthrow of Ukraine's democratically elected, pro Russian president.

  • Bialach - 4 years ago

    Then what is your suggestion to halt Russia's aggression towards its former satellite countries? Opinion without a solution is BS

  • Thomas H Nienburg - 4 years ago

    Senator Paul
    President tends to be a “bull in a china shop” & therefore needs to be seigned in. I sincerely wish you had his ear instead of John Bolten

    Thomas H Nienburg Sr

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