If We Were to Reform Another Antagonist, Who Would You Want it To Be?

Posted 5 months.


  • SunsetShimmer - 4 months ago

    I'm salty Queen Chrysalis is not the top rated.

  • Alex I. - 4 months ago

    I chose "Other" because there is no option for "None".
    No other antagonist should be reformed or forgiven, ESPECIALLY not the major ones in the top 5.
    That's not what cartoons are about. Antagonists need to be antagonists to service the story and to expect EVERY character on a children's cartoon to be as 3-Dimensional as the main six is unrealistic.
    You reform the Sirens or make them sympathetic, you undercut their entire reason for existence. Same with Lightning Dust, Sombra, and Chrysalis.
    No forgiveness. Let bad guys be bad.

  • C_II_R - 4 months ago

    It would be most excellent if they were able to work in Lightning Dust's background appearance in Parental Glidance without it just seeming like a retcon!

  • Jarpe - 4 months ago

    Lightning Dust. Realy? It was such a weak character, you forget pretty fast.

  • AustinThorax16 - 4 months ago

    I voted Tirek for a couple reasons. First of all, we haven’t had enough male characters be redeemed; besides Discord, they’re all still evil or “dead.” Also, it would be nice for a female antagonist to stay evil for once (I’m looking at you, Chrysalis). Sombra is supposed to be dead in the show, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be reformed (and besides, he hasn’t exactly had any dialogue or characterization that demonstrates potential for reformation). Secondly, it would be a testament to the show’s writers and quality if they could figure out a believable way to redeem Tirek (maybe have him team up with Chrysalis only for her to brutally betray him, and then bring back Scorpan to help him realize the error of his ways).

  • Chris S. - 4 months ago

    I hesitate to say Chrysalis, because I love her as a villain, but I voted for her anyway. My hope would be that she will play a major part in the series finale, and finally see the light.

  • Brownie Man - 4 months ago

    I voted Lightning Dust because in my mind while she was admittedly a one-shot antagonist with barely any development, she was kind of like how RD was in S1 and later in the Mare-Do-Well story, making her the most redeemable of the list, other one-shot antagonists like Suri and Svengallop were (unless Hasbro decided to go extra cliche and give them uber-tragic backstories) essentially just jerks because they could be. I agree that they should bring Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon back at some point. As for the Big Bads, my thoughts are that they should leave at least one or two villains who do not go for the magical redemption because of friendship idea as it cheapens the idea of villains both in series and overall (sadly hugs and laughter cannot solve all of life's problems).

  • Dakota Freed - 4 months ago

    I voted the Dazzlings for Equestria girls. I love them and if Sunset and the humane 6 reform them, they could join them, and be adored again. Also, it would be the perfect team overall. Maybe they can get new amulets so they can sing again. I miss them soooooooooo much since Rainbow Rocks, and I know u all love and miss them too so everyone please join in and vote a Dazzling reformation,. Lastly please tell Hasbro we want this deeply too.

  • Emptybee - 4 months ago

    Iron Will doesn't need reforming, the writers just need to stop treating him like the Flim Flam Bros. ver. 2.0.

  • Medicine Cat - 4 months ago

    What became of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon after DT's moment of enlightenment? Did it stick or did she revert to her old ways under her mother's influence? What about Silver Spoon? Did she reform or was she just ticked at Diamond Tiara?

  • Björn Heim - 4 months ago

    I vote Lightning Dust of Return the Villains,But Lightning Dush revenge want like Rainbow Dash.
    Please on next Time "My Little Pony Season 9"...Who is Return Lightning Dush.

  • ChromeThunder - 4 months ago

    I picked the Dazzlings. Because Sonata is too cute to not be reformed.

  • Silver - 4 months ago

    I don't understand why somber is on here. Yes the comics are canon-noncanon but he was reformed in the comics siege of the crystal kingdom ark.

  • Zidders Roofurry - 4 months ago

    I don't get why Lightning Dust is even a blip on anyone's radar. The character has literally zero development. They've had barely a paragraph's worth of character development if that. The fact is not only do none of the previous villains merit a return this series needs to stop reforming characters. It's needed a constant antagonist throughout the series. Chrysalis should have been Dr. Claw to Twilight's Inspector Gadget but instead she was wasted. Especially in her last episode. Hopefully if they do in fact reboot the series they give it a character on the level of Alan Rickman's Snape or better yet his Hans Gruber. A cliche, over the top and fun baddie spouting off cliche's left and right. Someone fans of villains who chew scenery can root for and who goody two shoes can root against.

  • Jimmy Hook - 4 months ago

    Well that's an easy enough answer for me: Queen Chrysalis!

    And hear me out everyone: Do we want Queen Chrysalis to be Evil Forever and be the only Evil Changeling left? Here are 2 reasons why:

    1. Chrysalis has to know how lonely it is being the only Evil Changeling left. :(

    2. If she continues to be Evil, her schemes are going to become more and more repetitive. Do y'all even want that from Queen Chrysalis?!! >:(

  • Explotedcreepee - 4 months ago

    Who the fuck care about lighting dust?
    She just an asshole dont bring that character back

  • Kiosfriend - 4 months ago

    Well...I just lost some faith in this fandom Chryssie's top pick here? Season 6's finale + season 8's mid-season finale = she's purely bent on revenge and destruction and entirely irredeemable. It's not believable nor does she deserve it. I could have begrudgingly accepted a reform for her before S6/at the S6 finale under the guise of "she just wanted what's best for the hive, but was totally misguided", but not any more.

  • Mk - 4 months ago

    Lightning Dust. The only character we haven't seen in so many years who DESERVES a Return AND a redemption.

    I don't really Know About Sombra, Chrysalis and Tirek because they are all basically villains "because why not" and that kind of villain is hardly redeemeable. Discord was one of that category as such but he was most of a joker, he hadn't the violent trends of those Three. Regarding Tirek thought... Nevermind we'll see what happens eventually in some months.

    The other characters I just prefer they don't reappear at all (aside Iron Will, he's cool so if they want to bring him back one last time before the show's end I'm in) because other than being unstandeable character I don't think they could be used more than For what they were conceived, even less a redemption.

  • DS - 4 months ago

    I'm gonna go with other. I don't want any of them reformed. At least, none of the ones you mentioned.

  • SHorror - 4 months ago

    I personally would only rather see Garble the Dragon and the Dazzlings reform. I don't care what people may think. I've got my own reasons why I choose other instead.

    The rest of the following villains on the list should not be redeemed and stay as villains no matter what people think.

  • Carla Rocha Bovi - 5 months ago

    I particularly think that Shadow King would be worth more, because if Hasbro reformed another character like Svengallop, he would have to be utiu for something, how Discord, Starlight and trixie were and ...... in what he would be utiu ? I'm not saying he would be inutiu but I think Hasbro would have to be very creative, to give him an impotence in the series!
    Another example would be Queen Chrysalis, if I were from Hasbro I suggested that they do not reform it by the fact that they would have a unique chance for a mission of friendship very important and unique as: certain ponies, or other creatures can not change, not matter what, and unfortunately we can not do anything to change that kind of behavior because it was a singles that pony (or not pony) had! it was a choice of HIM for HIS life, not a choice of ours (or his) for his life!
    I think it would be a little important, and of course that's just my opinion, but I particularly think it's a good thing for the future of the series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

  • J47fly - 5 months ago

    Suri Polomare for this one

  • T6 - 5 months ago


  • Swashbucklist - 5 months ago

    Because heaven forbid we have any trace of a rogue's gallery.

  • Javrik - 5 months ago

    I like them all as villians, but I wouldn't mind seeing the return and reformation of Sombra

  • Shadowweb11 - 5 months ago

    I personally prefer all of these characters to either remain as one-off characters or remain as villains. We don't need to 'reform all the villains'. I would like to see Neighsay, Tirek, and Suri return as villains, though.

  • Misscellanio - 5 months ago

    I didn't vote Chrysalis cuz I feel like it's going to happen, idk. I guess she technically my first choice, but because I feel that it's very likely that I would happen, I changed my vote to Suri Polomare. I just find her to be really cute and I liked her character so I would like to see her back and talking :D
    But also if Zesty Gourmand counts as an Antagonists (she probably doesn't) I would vote her. I want like a Ratatouille type thing to happen ahahaha

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