Choose one teacher to win the classroom makeover (Poll Closed)

  • It would be helpful to get a makeover, as my classroom has been moved to a science lab room for this year. I teach ESOL. I would maybe like to make one side of the lab tables set up for computers, which means the students will need stools. I need help with ideas for the layout and how I can make it inviting to our ESOL students. I want to encourage them to want to read and to give their best every day as they try to learn English and improve their reading and writing skills. - Beth Walker, Crystal Lake Middle School
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  • I teach a separate class for special education students whom the majority have autism. I drive to create a calm, sensory friendly environment. If I won, I would create calm zones and buy fidgets and other gadgets to calm their little bodies that I cannot afford to give them. Please help us calm and focus this next school year. - Julia Record, Oscar J Pope Elementary
    225 votes

  • This coming school year will be my 25th year teaching. I am trying to change my traditional (old school) classroom into a more personalized learning experience for each of my students. I have painted one wall and two bulletin boards for a more colorful experience. I want to show my students that they matter. I would love to give them more choice and comfort with flexible seating. Wobble chairs, beanbag chairs, etc. would be great. I want my students to have fun while they are learning. iPads would also be helpful for this type of learning. Thank you for your consideration. - Teresa Miller, Rochelle School of the Arts
    204 votes

  • This is a wonderful opportunity for all teachers, and every teacher deserves a classroom makeover. I would especially love the opportunity to have money contributed towards my classroom. I have taught through many changes at my school, including transitions towards becoming magnet. Many people may thing that this directly means money, but it does not mean that for teachers. I have devoted more time in the classroom, and money spent, than the average teacher. It has been difficult financially to provide a classroom environment that encourages my students. Additionally, our transition to Reading Workshop has left me needing books for my classroom. Books are expensive and for some reason, no one is able to supply us with those. Please pick me for this classroom makeover! I am the perfect pick for making PEN proud! - Michelle Lindquist,Combee Academy of Design and Engineering
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  • I have been teaching at SHMS for the past ten years. I am one of few teachers that has been with the school long term. In my ten years I have taught many students that were written off, the lowest reading levels, but I pushed and they surpassed my expectations. Last year I had all level 1 and 2 students, 43% tested on grade level and 51% made learning gains. It was an incredible accomplishment for both my students and myself. This was even more thrilling than being teacher of the year in 2016. For the past two years I was deemed a High Impact Teacher in the state of Florida and itåÀs been amazing. IåÀve had the same terrible desk and uncomfortable student chairs for the past 7 years. I would love various types of seating so that my students feel comfortable, welcome, and ready to learn! Please choose me. - Tiffany King, Sleepy Hill Middle
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  • Teachers spend countless dollars every year in their classroom. This year, I poured most of my classroom budget into our school supply closet that has essential supplies for our low income students. The closet has uniforms, hygiene items, and more for any student that is in need. This money would greatly help me create a welcoming environment for my Title One Kindergarteners! - Lauren Keen, Bethune Academy
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  • I am the instructor for the pre- medical academy. We just completed our first year. I was in a portable this past year and as you can imagine with 30+ students, it was difficult to teach CPR. There was not sufficient room. We ended up doing our CPR outside. This coming year we are moving indoors. However, the room is in need of updates to mimic a more clinical setting. I would love the additional spending to update the classroom. - Amber Duckworth, Lake Gibson Middle School
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  • I teach grades 2-5 grade students with autism. My students need more sensory items along with calming library corner. I would love to have that sensory,calming, comfortable classroom enviornonment! - Rebecca Bruzek, Dr. N.E. Roberts Elem
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  • I deserve a make over for my classroom because my students deserve the opportunity to experience a positive classroom environment that is rich with resources to prepare them for their endeavors beyond the high school classroom. My school has adopted the AVID program and it would be amazing to see the impact on my students' attitudes toward their education in an environment that encourages college and career readiness. AVID has proven, through their research, that once the environment of the classroom changes, the momentum of the students changes as well. So, I believe that if I had the funds to decorate my classroom accordingly, my students would definitely reap the benefits of an energetic environment that promotes college and career readiness before they walk across that stage their senior year. Thank you! - Manoushca Bruny, Tenoroc High School
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  • In a world of more and more technology I'd like to highlight the Trades a bit more with my classroom design. I teach a class called Home Wreckonomics in which I teach middle schoolers how to use basic tools and how to repair things. This idea has empowered my students and I'd love to create a classroom environment more conducive to equipping these students who enjoy working with their hands. - Robert Beaudreault, South Mckeel Academy
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