Are you enjoying Nick's dark side?

  • Nita - 3 years ago

    I'm thinking that's where the writers are heading with this, to have Nick be like Victor. I really hope I'm wrong. I'm happy Nick got Christen back. I just don't want him to turn into Victor.

  • Becky - 3 years ago

    So glad Nick got his son back. I hope he will stay just strong and smart enough to keep Victor away from Christian and his other kids but not completely become Victor!

  • TJ - 3 years ago

    I love that Nick is giving Victor a taste of his own medicine. So glad he got his son back.

  • Stdeon - 3 years ago

    Victor is enough of a snake for the show. I'm glad to see Nick stand up to him finally but please dont have him become as evil and heartless as Victor

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