Do you miss evil twin storylines?


  • Sally McMen - 5 years ago

    Ryan is Not that great at being Kevin. His actions are soo out of character of Kevin. Please please Doc back and let Ryan get what he deserves. And allow Michael to find out that his battery is still alive thanks. Yes I was Jason and Sam but together, but you guys are dragging your feet on that one so I'm not holding my breathok

  • Beverly Crye - 6 years ago

    I don't think Hilary should die because Devon will never be the person he was portrayed on Y&R he needs to be happy. With Hilary dieing Devon will go off the deep end that's what l think will happen.And with Nick he should over power Victor and give him a taste of his own medicine and Nick wins.

  • ann knight - 6 years ago

    i have been watching this soap for as long as i can Remember

  • Doreen Johnson - 6 years ago

    Put Jason and Sam back together. Get rid of Nell.

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