Will Bill get what he wants?


  • Peggy - 6 years ago

    It’s looking good for Hope and Liam finallly. I want her to make it through this pregnancy. Be nice if she were having twins {surprise}. But the love has always been there for Hope and Liam. Steffy is someone that is exciting to Liam but that deep love is not there. Bill is ready to step in. He want Steffy to want him Then he will let her know that Kelly is his baby

  • Alayna - 6 years ago

    Yes i believe Bill will get what he wants.. Liam has always loved and wanted Hope, and i believe Bill and Steffy never really got over eachother... the icing on the cake would be Kelly turns out to be Bills.????

  • Michelle - 6 years ago

    Liam and Hope need to finslly be happy together. Steffy meeds to get want she has deservef for a long time now. Liam needs to become a man and stand by Hope. And the real truth comes out that Bill is the father of baby kelly.

  • beverly farmer - 6 years ago

    I hope ma'am and hope back together they belong together just need to stay out of their business

  • beverly farmer - 6 years ago

    Yes I hope Liam and I'm hope get back together they belong together Justin is crazy I hope she don't get them you need to have bills because that's build baby

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