Do you like sweet Gabi or vixen Gabi?


  • J - 6 years ago

    I can’t stand Gabi. I hope the truth comes out. She’s annoying.

  • Bertha Andrews - 6 years ago

    Let Chad be with Abbey,let Gabi and Stephan do there destruction on each other.Stop Kate from getting away with all her dirt.Please, let Ciarca and Patch son get together,I am so tired of that little string haired Claire,send her away,been watching the show from it'sfirst airing date on NBC,Either let Hope be withRafe ir move it on,and lastly put Will and Sony back together,old yes,send Eve on her way,you must be crazy keeping Bradyand Theresa apart,hire some new writers,we'vebeenwaiting for Brady and Thersea,they are the 2nd best love story behind Hope and Bo Brady and Abbey and Chad.Please, keep your olf fans happy,we know its fantasy,tired of all this bed hopping

  • Lee - 6 years ago

    Let Chad find out the baby is his soon so he and Abby can enjoy this pregnancy together. Once is enough.

  • Sheila - 6 years ago

    Get over it already PLEASE.

  • Cheryl - 6 years ago

    I agree with Lucy, get this over with Gabi’s revenge. She can play war with Stephen but with Abigail I don’t like that story line at all. Let the truth come out that Chad is the father and and Abigail and Chad stay together.

  • Delstar55 - 6 years ago

    I wish you writers would listen to your fans. Please correct the mess created with Chad & Abby. Let Gabi be happy for a change.

  • Pat - 6 years ago

    Love Gabi As A VIXEN. She is very good at it. "Sweet' Gabi was DULL. Vixens Are More Fun To "Play" I Bet , AND NO SOAP OPERA WOULD LAST 5 MINUTES WITHOUT THEM. See Stevano, Sami, Kate, etc. Like to see Gabi and Nicholas together to spread a lot of misery around Salem, AND I THINK THAT'S WHAT'S COMING. Bravo Ken Corday, you got it right. Viewers "SAY" they don't like Vixens and Villains, BUT see how long they watch ANY SOAP without them.

  • Willie Mae keys - 6 years ago

    Keep it sweet little

  • Ann fawns - 6 years ago

    I always liked Gabi, I u understand her revenge for Stefan but Abbigail didn't know what she was doing, just get all this crap over with with a good out come. Leave Gabi nice

  • Lucy - 6 years ago

    REALLY!!!This story line with Gabby is REALLY MAKING ME WANT TO STOP WATCHING. It’s ridiculous . If it doesn’t change quickly, I’m done

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