Do your kids eat hot chips?


  • Tracey - 4 years ago

    Its not the chips fault its the mom/kids fault. Its called self control. Who eats 4 bags of chips in a week let alone a month.

  • ChikinNippls - 4 years ago

    Sounds like it's the parent and not the product... Bet that kid is obese too... Send your kid to school with real food, not chips. All sorts of seasonings can cause this but I would put money on there being more than one cause to this kids issue. If this were the only cause then millions of people, especially anyone who uses hot sauce, should have their gallbladders removed... Use. Common. Sense.

  • Shelly Jackson - 4 years ago

    Spices are well known cause for ulcers and even gastritis. The gallbladder's purpose is to secrete extra bile to digest fats when one eats a full meal. If there is any scientific evidence that hot spices cause disease in the gallbladder, it should have been mentioned in the article. As it stands, it shows ignorance to report that one mother's unscientific statement constitutes an answer for her daughter's need for surgery. Shame on the medical personnel quoted for even insinuating that they agree with the mother. No, wolfing down heaps of hot Takis is NOT part of a healthy diet. The girl likely has other unhealthy eating habits as well, such as a high percentage of fats and far too many processed foods with preservatives. This article is shameful and could possibly result in a slander suit being filed by the manufacturer of the junk food. Embarrassing.

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