Should the Kinder Morgan protest camp be removed?

  • No, they have a right to protest the pipeline and should be allowed to stay.
    1,504 votes

  • Yes, they should obey the eviction order handed down by officials.
    20,949 votes


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  • Eric - 1 year ago

    Very disappointed to see people's attitude toward the minority who dare to risk their own interest seeking for truth and preserving resources for our future generations.
    Certain Politicians are paid to pave the road for major investors. The mid-class is easy to sell, you thought those new jobs might actually go to locals (sorry you cannot imagine how many new working visas will be issued).
    No one will live to see North America become North Africa or Mid East --in terms of hot dessert and unsettled society...
    Enjoy life. Let mother nature offer justice.

  • George Rammell - 1 year ago

    Kitsel Tatel (Stolo) is one of the leaders at Camp Cloud. She has 3 university degrees and is highly informed of violations of Aboriginal rights and the environmental issues surrounding Kinder Morgan. There are so many problems with this expansion from the tar-sands to the Salish Sea. These water protectors are giving up the comforts of home to camp there and warn us of the impending dangers behind the shipment of diluted bitumen across our lands & waters. We'd all be doing ourselves and our grandchildren a favor by listening.

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Most of those protesters are American citizens, bought and paid for by American oil and their government. They want our oil dirt cheap and definitely do not want us exporting to world markets where we will get a fair price for it. Send them back with lifetime bans from entering Canada. Jail the Canadian citizens who repeatedly disobey the law. One last thing, make those hypocrites clean up the environmental mess they leave behind every time they 'protest' something. Why should our tax dollars go to clean up after them? Those environmental hypocrites need to start practising what they preach in earnest. No one will ever take them seriously until they do.

  • suend - 1 year ago

    check the site for fentanyl and then arrest them all

  • suend - 1 year ago

    shot paint balls at them and they will run, they are cowards counting on abusing the human right stuff in CANADA to 'protect' them from going to jail.

  • Brian Smith - 1 year ago

    Proper steps should be taken against the protesters ,if they don’t move they should be put in confinement ,and the camp should be dismantled by the military!!

  • Johnj - 1 year ago

    They should be arrested and put in jail.The economy of our country can't be held ransom by a group of lawless,useless bunch of misfits,.

  • John Siemens - 1 year ago

    ,Ask yourself why did the the federal government approve this pipeline after the deadline! Then offer to build it on their own, then try to find a buyer before its built with a deadline, and low and behold no buyer before deadline! Do you not think that Justin Trudeau, is being paid by the same people who pay the protesters? 25 of 27 seats that Justin won in the election were funded by foreign money! That pipline actually has buyer, the natives want to build it!

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Sooo...if they can break the law by defying a court order, can the rest of us break the law by going up there and throwing them out ourselves?

    Hey. It's a simple hypothetical question and not a call to arms. So all you PC social justice warrior pinheads, please stand down.

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Once these self indulgent heros-in-their-own-minds-but-in-no-one-else's, someone needs to document the ecological footprint (and garbage, roaches, needles, turds and toilet paper) their Save The World camp leaves behind.

    It won't be pretty.

  • Wendy kelly - 1 year ago

    Bottom line you are on unceded Coast Salish land. Numb skulls who think you can live without water.look in the mirror when you speak of squatters!

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Get a job ya lazy homeless bums!

  • John Marks - 1 year ago

    Protestors keep slamming the majority as they feel morally superior to the rest of us. Rule of the law is the number one concern is a civil society, and the protestors just do not want to acknowledge that. They have had their day in the Sun and it's time to put the law breakers in jail and get on with the project.

  • Lynda - 1 year ago

    You have the right to free speech but not to disrespect property rights and the federal law. Just because you disagree with a ruling does not give you the moral right to supercede the court.

  • Frank - 1 year ago

    The results of the poll speak for themselves; it's not even close despite accounting for statistical errors in online polling. The protestors have long worn out their welcome on this file and should be made to leave through rule of law in this country.

    The courts will be very clear that the federally elected government has the rights to develop this pipeline despite the NDP's circus antics to delay the construction. There is a time and a place for voicing your displeasure through the democratic voting process, not through squatting like anarchists. It's high time this mess is wrapped up and moved along.

  • Larry sterling - 1 year ago

    Yes, time for these people to go and get a life. Take the Burnaby mayor with them. This country needs the money to pay for social programs, highways, etc. Lets get the pipeline built.

  • Peter - 1 year ago

    We have to decide just who is running this country. The majority of Canadians who vote are exercising there democratic right and elect those political parties who’s platform they agree with most. This is the epitomy of democracy; having non- elected separate governments representing a very small percentage of the population attempt to push their views before those of the Federal Government of Canada and seek equal representation and powers is absurd to the approximately 30 million who pay taxes and vote for our Governments. We need the Prime Minster to stop worrying about what socks he should wear today stand up and take the more difficult and unpopular path and represent the majority of citizens that voted for him. You will never please all the demographic factions in this country, but the majority must be heard.

  • Kim - 1 year ago

    These protestors should be forced to leave. Yes, of course First Nations should be consulted and they have for years been consulted about this pipeline. The First Nations people who are camping there are not even from that area or the areas that are going to see this pipeline put in. I am sorry but life has to go on - Canada has to do what is best for our economy and what is best for the MAJORITY of people - that is what a democracy is. If the Leftist Liberals think this pipeline is good than I am sure all the protocols and environmental checks have been done properly. Enough already - get these people out of there and get this pipeline started. We need oil and the world needs oil - don't like it then move to an island and try to live off the land without anything that comes from oil and/or petroleum products - good luck with that!!

  • Linden Bland - 1 year ago

    Hard to understand why these people can flaunt the law by not obeying police when the rest of us would get nailed if we didn't. Never heard what happened to those hanging from the bridge to stop the tankers. If any of us pull some stupid stunt like climbing up the side of a tall building or parachuting off a tall building we are arrested on the spot. I guess if it is said to be for the environment anything goes even if it makes no logic.

  • D Green - 1 year ago

    If there are alternatives to fossil fuels used in produces then I buy it. I'm not wasting my hard earned money on crap that's killing us.

    My question is, why aren't there more alternatives to fossil fuels? Especially since we know how bad they are. Could the people whose easy fossil fuel profits, which are being threatened, be blocking such progress by lobbying to diverting funds for themselves? The proof is in the pipeline purchase, as they say. Why else would government rush this through? Reeks of manipulation and desperation.

  • Dr Francis Manns - 1 year ago

    The results of the poll are overwhelming and not the result of trolls. The people of common sense have spoken. The camp should be abandoned and the campers should be given a remedial science/ economics course. Media need to be deprogrammed too.

  • D Green - 1 year ago

    No one is saying that fossil fuels aren't necessary right now, but this pipeline is not a transitional project designed to help move us into a better and more profitable future. No one is disrespecting the hard working people who helped build this Canada. That time is done though.

    I can understand giants of business being scared of losing access to massive projects and their profits with little risk. Why take on these risks for them though? Especially when we, the tax payers, will see nothing but crumbs.

  • D Green - 1 year ago

    Wow! The paid shills in this comment section are amazing. Half formed logic. Poor argument construction. No information except for assumed "facts".

    The production and delivery of oil products, natural gas and electricity in Canada contributes about $170 billion to Canada’s $1.8 trillion gross domestic product (GDP), or just under 10%. The largest contributions are conventional oil and gas production (4%), oil sands (2%) and the electric power industry (2%), as shown in the figure.

    Pipelines themselves only contribute about 0.1% to the GDP. This is small change in profits with a cost that will be much higher. Tax payers are going to be left holding the bag while Kinder Morgan is free to work with little risk. Of course there are the crumbs that we get in the form of jobs, but those don't last long are pay poorly in the long haul.

    Corporate Welfare at its finest. The money for this pipeline could have been used for creating sustainable jobs for people creating that would have lasted well into the future. And WE, the people who live and fight for a home worth living in, would also benefit from the profits.

  • Faye Osiowy - 1 year ago

    We Canadians are now the owners of the Trans Mountain. They are no longer protesting Kinder Morgan, they are protesting we taxpayers who are respectful law-biding citizens who provide a living for the misguided protesters. Every other country is allowed to sell their resources without protest, stimulating their economies. The world is still using petroleum products and will for decades so why not benefit while we are able? Even your green recycling bin is made of petroleum products as are your iPhones. Yes, I dream of the day we no longer use fossil fuels, but it isn't here yet people so why put Canada at a disadvantage?

  • Joe Chevalier - 1 year ago

    Over my working career I worked with many First Nations and for a Band Owned Company. Canada has laws that must be respected. Paid protesters are everywhere and Canada’s economy relies on resources. Arrest the protesters and get CANADA WORKING. BC has a socialist government and Trudeau will not force the pipeline because he wants the 18 mp’s Re-elected. There are many First Nations who work hard to support themselves and their families and I respect them. Those who don’t work and rely on tax payers to support them should not protest.

  • Paul McLennan - 1 year ago

    They have lost the legal battle and now all they are doing is getting in the way. Each time they get arrested for being there, the time in jail should be doubled. There is a point where lawful protest becomes obstructionist.

  • Carl Parson - 1 year ago

    First and foremost I am pro energy and have made a living at it for 35 plus years . But I also know we have to work towards a cleaner source of energy . This is not going to happen tomorrow or in the next couple of years . Those of you who believe we can stop it tomorrow start living it today . Park your car shut off the gas to your house and live what you preach . No more make up or plastic or anything containing petroleum products . This includes certain food products many drugs and clothing to boot . But first and foremost for the nature lovers give up your SUV ,AIRLINE TRAVEL , TRAINS ,BUSES AND EVEN MOPEDS . When you do all this maybe we can take you as being serious about your cause . I have a hard time believing about poor world situation when Jane Fonda and David Suzuki fly allover bitching when their carbon foot print is bigger than most . As far as those protesters they are breaking the law then rules apply to them as they do to me

  • Debbie Todd - 1 year ago

    Will never understand how they are still getting away with this. Can't believe something hasn't already been done to to get this trash out of there.

  • Debbie Todd - 1 year ago

    Will never understand how they are still getting away with this. Can't believe something hasn't already been done to to get this trash out of there.

  • Brett - 1 year ago

    They should be removed immediately and arrested if they resist. These people are clueless.

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    The comments from some people are sick and pathetic..... burn them down and hang the protesters from the gallows ??????? Oh Boy, Society is on the brink of civil revolution..... and the flat earth society, the sheeple .... will lose the battle miserably!!!

  • Carol - 1 year ago

    Oil will be moved one way or the other. I would rather see a pipeline carrying oil than 200 oil cars that could derail in a town, city, or by a water way. Look what happened in Quebec a few years ago....many buildings burned along with many lives lost. Very sad train derailment!
    Or a semi truck having an accident spilling its load all over the land.

  • Scott - 1 year ago

    Burn it to the ground.........Hang protesters on the gallows..........there will be blood.....a great movie....BTW...

  • Sandra Currie - 1 year ago

    If you are aware of the scientific proof that we are in crisis, you know that unless we radically change, we will not survive. Kinder Morgan was granted an injunction by a judge who was an advocate for Big Tobacco. He is a corporate shill who does not recognize the rights of regular citizens.
    Kinder Morgan has repeatedly broken the law, which so many posters here hold so dear. Not a peep when they illegally installed anti-spawning nets to stop salmon from breeding.
    We cannot meet any of the international agreements we have made to protect the environment if governments continue to permit more fossil fuel development. We have been left with no choice but civil disobedience. The process of approval for this and other developments was fixed from the get go. Expert testimony was ignored or suppressed. And I know many of the protectors. They work and have worked very hard, endured hardship, and made many personal sacrifices in order to protect your interest, even though you may be too blind to see this.

  • George Rammell - 1 year ago

    I've found the members of Camp Cloud to be very repectful to everyone who shows basic respect towards them. I believe Mayor Corrigan is making a big mistake with his eviction. These Aboriginal people have come to CC from across BC & Alberta to warn us about the very real danger of transporting diluted bitumen. Scientists and technicians who worked for KM know spilled bitumen cannot be cleaned up. Why would we want any toxin moving through our lands and waters if it can't be cleaned up? Why is Justin Trudeau perpetuating injustices towards 1st Nations who are vehemently opposed to this project? He promised reconciliation and he made promises in Paris that "Canada is back" (from Harper's gutting of policies that protect our environment). WAKE UP CANADIANS, WE'RE AT THE TIPPING POINT OF A CLIMATE CRISIS. the people at Camp Cloud are making big sacrifices to flag the many dangers associated with the Trans Moutain Expansion.

  • 'Norman Ricard' - 1 year ago

    To those who claim we are “racist” because we protest your way of breaking the court order? @Gargramel , your argument has no real basis to the fact that the law is being broken. They have had their time to protest and now it’s time to move on and be responsible law abiding citizens. I do however agree that we as supporters of the pipeline can choose to show more class and not use slanderous and degrading words to get our point across.

  • Jocko - 1 year ago

    The protestors should be removed by force if necessary. The pipeline is already there and is going to be twinned by a larger, safer modern pipeline. The oil is moving to the coast anyway and pipeline is much safer that by 3 KM long trains running along your lovely rivers and streams. Look what happened in 2005 when a train derailed by Lake Wabamun and dumped between 700,000 and 800,000 litres of oil into the lake. It is 2018 and Wabamun Lake quality is almost back to where it was before the 2005 spill. A modern pipeline with it's safety devices would have limited a spill to a tiny fraction of that 2005 spill. There is no totally green replacement for oil in the near future. All so-called green solutions are not green because of the resources needed to mine and transport the rare earth materials for solar panels and build the cement and steel towers for the wind turbines . I have yet to see an electric passenger jet, a battery powered highway truck with any range or any of the powerful alternative energy BC Ferries ready to do daily runs across from the mainland to Vancouver Island. Oil is not going away soon as there is nothing currently to replace it. Pipelines are the safest method of transporting oil period.

  • Justice - 1 year ago

    All Canadiams should be treated the same.

    Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner in Toronto were locked up for a total of 10 years and 4 years because they repeatedly broke the law and would not promise to desist. Therefore ALL pipeline protesters who break the law twice should receive the long remand and jail time.

    Did you understand this Crown Prosecutors?

  • Justice - 1 year ago

    All Canadiams should be treated the same.

    Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner in Toronto were locked up for a total of 10 years and 4 years because they repeatedly broke the law and would not promise to desist. Therefore ALL pipeline protesters who break the law twice should receive the long remand and jail time.

    Did you understand this Crown Prosecutors?

  • Eileen - 1 year ago

    An inordinate number of protestors appear to be wearing or using products using oil. Plastic glasses frames , industrial made clothing ( oil lubes the machinery),cameras etc. They might be more believable if there were no products used that were a byproduct or product of oil. Did they walk there or use horses?

  • Rudy Hiebert - 1 year ago

    If "we" don't respect and comply to the court in this country we are in big trouble. Protesting does not mean obstruct the court order.

  • Robert Boa - 1 year ago

    What we have here a group of unemployed, un educated morons who should crawl back to their caves.

  • L - 1 year ago

    Yes they should leave. Also they need to clean up all the mess they made and leave non of their garbage behind! Fine them if they don’t clean up!

  • allan stephen - 1 year ago

    Get those lazy squatters removed Immediately, They belong in jail.

  • Gargramel - 1 year ago

    Typical conservative ignorance and rudeness! Connot have a civil discourse about it!! The majority of commenters have to be rude and ignorant name callers because they are unable to hold an intelligent discussion about this issue! Lets hope your water never gets tainted by an oil spill, because i guarantee you would be out there protesting for government and oil companies to fix your water problem! Of course we will be happy to remind these same commenters how they felt about people who were protesting something that they believed in!!

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    Physically remove them and don’t be gentle and then under the supervision of the fire department burn everything

  • Larry pilgrim - 1 year ago

    I've been donating to almost every charity in Canada, food for the needy, money to the poor, taxes in BC and Alberta, 4 genererations of my family put through school, donating to the homeless for over ten years myself...theres allot more to our oil industry that just what some uneducated folks call "Dirty Oil" pays for a pile of the programs allot of these protesters rely on, we also donate massively to first nation towns, for funeral, wefdings, graduations...etc...this is all made possible by our oil now...and yp1u'll be much worse off when its gone...sitting in your cardboard box, wondering where your next free meal will come from

  • Steve Grant - 1 year ago

    You need to know that at least 3 pro-oil pro-pipeline Facebook groups shared the poll link to their followers. Cansda's Energy Citizens, 230,000 followers, Oil Sands Strong, 140,000 followers, Rally 4 Resources, 5000 followers.

  • Alan - 1 year ago

    the protesters do have the right to protest civilly as i believe they have been but the government had taken legal action which is their right to do so. As they have won the right to evict the protesters then the protesters should be removed as it is the legal right via the court system to do so i would have to challenge the protesters to
    A) look into the money trail for who is financially backing them and will benefit from the blockage of the trans-mountain pipeline

    B) look into the middle eastern oil that is coming to Canada and how they really do not care about the environment as well as human rights

    now with that oil we can sell internationally we can employ motes of people as we;; as money entering into our economy as well as the taxes the government will receive so that our social programs can be topped up and improved as well as for the corporations that finance the protesters, as well as the bc goverment, should be sued in court for all the money that it has cost the federal and Alberta have paid out in legal fees when the pipeline had already been approved by the previous government before the election and recend it because of political purposes only not what is actually what is best for the country including bc as well

  • Don - 1 year ago

    We are a natural resource based economy. Who will payfor the lefties once the economy is destroyed?

  • Don - 1 year ago

    We are a natural resource based economy. Who will payfor the lefties once the economy is destroyed?

  • Cyril - 1 year ago

    Lock them all up for Disturbing the Peace...failing to comply with Peace Officers...failing to keep conditions in a Sanitary manner, and most importantly "Disturbuing the Peace"
    Let their GreenPeace buddies come to their defence.....Oopps ..they have already moved on!

  • Jason - 1 year ago

    They should have to leave. No one else gets to camp wherever they like for as lond as they want! Furthermore they should be required to clean up after themselves! I've seen pictures of previous camps and the mess they left behind was crazy! Yet these were people concerned about the environment right!

  • C Coffen - 1 year ago

    Look. The pipeline is going in it should.
    Better to move now before the dozens come.
    I have ZERO tolerance for these protesters.

  • Jan Kolenbrander - 1 year ago

    I have plenty old-fashioned hard labor work for them out here so these lazy bumms & layabouts might grow some much needed common sence back into their libtarded brains ????!

  • E Barry - 1 year ago

    Boot out then jail swiftly

  • tony brumell - 1 year ago

    A second entry in comments .I just read the rest of the racist crap in this section and Your comments make me ashamed to be a Canadian.

  • Bob louis - 1 year ago

    Interesting - the people who have moved into this camp on a continuous basis.? Who are they that they can leave their job & move here? Independently wealthy? Aboriginals on Fed Govt payouts? Subsidized by left wing environmental orgs? On extended sick leave? Certainly begs the question....

  • Ken Selling - 1 year ago

    It never should have been allowed to stand this long. It only emboldens continued illegal behavior.

    Tearing it down doesn't take away either their right or ability to protest legally.

  • tony brumell - 1 year ago

    Ya right .!!!!
    The Nazis didn't allow any protest why should we ??? Edi Amin .Stalin. etc etc etc .Some things are worth fighting for and the environment is all of them. I hope they stay as long as they can. The right to peacefull protest is a foundation block in any free society.
    I'll bet you nay sayers have never faulted gov't on anything ..Right ???

  • Rod - 1 year ago

    Sooner the better, then throw them in jail

  • Dave - 1 year ago

    Put a D8 in there, give them one hour to get out of the way and move forward!

  • Corey - 1 year ago

    Yes of course they should be removed arrested and sentenced to death. All I want and I think I speak on behalf of 98% of Canadians is cheaper gas and diesel.

  • Ti Bernard - 1 year ago

    Wow....hope you never experience water you use for drinking and bathing being polluted by an oil spill. Lol. Then the majority of you will change your minds pretty quick. Hypocrites.

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    Get rid of foreign blood oil!
    Tell the hippies to go home, if they really want to help the environment they would get a job on the pipeline and ensure it gets built to the highest standards.

    Canadian Oil, the cleanest and most honest oil in the world, no human rights violations.

  • Robert Grand - 1 year ago

    Time to play hardball with these jerks! Get them out of there.

  • Dave - 1 year ago

    The govt should provide the protesters with a free university program in Economics and Nation Building

  • Scott Hickerty - 1 year ago

    Turn off the stupid sacred fire. Wood burning fireplaces emit 244 pounds of annual pollution. Gas? Less than 1/6 of a pound. Oil? Less than 1/4 of a pound (data from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency). So many (not all but many) so called environmentalists are fanatical, not educated.

  • Lawrence Beaton - 1 year ago

    They are a threat to the environment.

  • Nodrog - 1 year ago

    They are nothing but a bunch of lazy shiftless bums who have no legal right to squat where they are....The police should arrest them for trespassing...

  • Robert Matthews - 1 year ago

    Give what back. When group or tribe of native people captured another in the past they sure did not return the spoils. Too bad that the past cannot be replayed so as those who will not see will have their eyes opened.

  • Jo - 1 year ago

    If they are on welfare assistance - stop their cheques and let them figure out how the real world operates minus big corporate propaganda and influence. The governement needs to divvy up native land and let them become Canadians.

  • Shaun - 1 year ago

    Law breaking assholes. Get off your lazy asses and get a job

  • Ben - 1 year ago

    If we let them break the rule of law, should anyone else have to follow it?

  • M. G. Szollosi - 1 year ago

    Run them off . Bunch of phonies go from protest to protest and like to give themselves and their camps native names not even from the local tribes

  • Brent - 1 year ago

    And don't be gentle. Enough is enough. We have to get on with this project

  • Janet - 1 year ago

    Those voted yes , those trashing First nations, those ridiculed others living in a fossil Society but seeking changes, don't complain when you suffer from wildfire, flooding, air pollution, water contamination, food shortage resulted from climate change. When a storm strikes, none of flakes is innocent.

  • Ken Cooper - 1 year ago

    These people should be obeying the law. As far as I can tell, they are on public land, and if the city says to vacate, then by God get the hell out of there. If they are Canadian citizens, then they are protesting their own property! Where is the logic in that? Why are they not protesting oil tankers coming up the St Lawrence to get rid of foreign oil? If there was a pipeline to the East Coast, the price of oil would probably be less than Saudi Arabia and the others are charging.

  • Carla Barkley - 1 year ago

    They have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to break the law.

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    “ It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to CHANGE “ ..... Sad to say 90 % of the sheeple opposed to changing our oil habits are doomed to media manipulation , corporate, and political control .

  • F.Y. Guido - 1 year ago

    Since we all are now shareholders in a pipeline outfit, protest at the shareholders meeting and don't screw up my investment.

  • Raspberry - 1 year ago

    How can they protest?? They are using products they are protesting. Yeah what a great idea????????... I say out with camp crayon!

  • Timber Tramp - 1 year ago

    If the protesters don't leave willingly, arrest them , charge them with trespassing ,make them pay all costs from court to site clean up and claw back any social benefits that might have been paid out while they have been in camp not being a productive member of society.

  • M1 - 1 year ago

    It's indigenous land. Un ceded at that. They have every right. Look at Burnaby fire departments assessment of the tank yard upgrade.

  • D Green - 1 year ago

    A Post Media poll that strongly supports big money over people. Surprise, surprise. Have fun living a life of isolation in the fancy prisons you construct for yourself. Money will never save you regardless if you believe in Post Media's propaganda or not.

  • helen - 1 year ago

    Unless they're independently wealthy, put a hold on any social payments that the rest of us are paying for, until they vacate.

  • James Craft - 1 year ago

    They should be charged a high commercial rent of the land space they’ve used from the beginning to present day. Get their backers to pay up in 3 days and if that is not forthcoming, get in there as soon as possible and remove everything .No more freebie land use!

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