What are your feelings on gun control in Canadian cities?

  • Andrew Coates - 2 years ago

    The state of journalism these days is shockingly bad. Allow me to educate this reporter:

    All firearms are illegal in Canada. It is illegal to acquire, possess or transport any firearm in Canada. This is the default under Canadian law.

    The only way to do this is to take a registered PAL/RPAL course and pass a comprehensive criminal and background check by both federal and provincial CFO’s and the RCMP. Any criminal convictions in your lifetime will result in being denied the license. Any grudge held by a past domestic partner (true or fabricated) will result in being denied. Any history of mental illness requiring counselling or treatment will likely result in a denied license. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

    If a restricted license is approved, you are further required to waive your privacy rights under Canadian law. You will be automatically run through CPIC EVERY DAY. Your address information is kept on file and you must immediately update this any time you move. (For comparison convicted sex offenders and pedophiles in Canada are not subject to these conditions as was revealed by a recent RCMP FOI request.)

    If you obtain your PAL/RPAL you still cannot obtain a firearm - this is a neat little administrative trick the government snuck into the laws. You must obtain an Authorization To Transport. If you do not have this ATT you cannot legally transport a newly purchased firearm home or anywhere else. In addition, for restricted firearms the ATT only allows transport from the registered address of firearm storage to a federally approved range or gunsmith and back by the “most direct route”. (Here’s another little trick the government snuck in - the definition of “most direct route” is open to interpretation by any peace officer who chooses to investigate. While the provincial CFO might say it’s reasonable to stop for fuel or a meal while en route, an officer has the power, under the Act, to make his own determination if he thinks your route is direct enough. For example, let’s say you pass cheap fuel on the way home so you decide to exit and fuel up to save a few $$$. If the officer decides you had enough fuel to make it to your destination without stopping he has the authority to say you deviated from the most direct route. He can then charge you, seize all firearms and ammunition in the vehicle on the spot, and have your home searched and any firearms or ammunition there seized also.)

    The purchase of any ammunition also requires presentation of your valid PAL/RPAL.

    To place all this in the context of the Danforth terrorist, it has not been reported he passed a RPAL course. Did he have an ATT? Did he present a valid RPAL to acquire the stolen gun and ammunition?

    Under Canadian law the presence of any firearm anywhere in Canada is already illegal unless the process described above has been completed. So given that every single aspect of the shooter’s actions were already illegal, how is trying to make something “more illegal” going to accomplish anything? (Hint - it isn’t.)

    There are only 2 possible reasons politicians and their appointed bureaucrats ever talk about further restrictions on law-abiding firearm owners. 1 - It’s an easy cheap sound bite that sounds good on the news and makes voters who possess no knowledge on the subject think they’re “doing something” without actually doing anything at all. Effectively fighting crime is expensive and time-consuming, the two things politicians hate most. 2 - Their true objective is the banning of all firearms from ownership by the public, something that’s worked swimmingly well throughout the entirety of human history, no?

    Instead of mindlessly parroting political talking points, might I suggest the next time an alleged journalist is presented with the type of meaningless pandering nonsense as spewed by Mayor Tory, Ralph Goodale et al, they instead ask meaningful questions as to how making things that are already

  • Dave M - 2 years ago

    The current federal legislation in this regard is already over the top, adding more wont fix things. Look at Chicago, LA, Washington...all large metropolitan ares with extremely restrictive firearms regulations, and extremely high rates of firearms related crime...

    Hmm Toronto is a large metropolitan area too.

    Maybe it has something to do with jamming millions of culturally diverse people together into a small spaces. Maybe the nuts go especially nuts when they are elbow deep in other nuts. Maybe there are concentrations of desperate people, addicted and poor that can't get the help they need. Maybe the only way for a small voice among millions to be heard is to take some sort of drastic measure.

    I dunno, sounds like a gun problem to me. not.

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    Where is the option for "Too much is being done against legal owners"

  • Garry - 2 years ago

    Bring in the second admendmant as they in the states! Why ban guns? People kill people! A gun in a locked cabinet doesnt kill! Bring in carry concealed! There wouldnt be such hurt in Toronto, if a qualifed member of the public was carrying a concealed weapon and took that guy out! It definitely would reduce crime rate in canada! For god sake you cant defend your own family or house if some criminal decides he or she breaks into your house!

  • kevin - 2 years ago

    It's time for Canada to adopt the second amendment. Remember Guns don't kill people, People Kill People. If their is anyone out there that truly believes that this wasn't terrorism, look in the mirror and say I AM SNOWFLAKE.

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    Guns aren't the problem but drugs are fuelled by money. So a market that is illegal creating all this problems. Legalize drugs because drugs are the same than alcohol. Drugs don't disappear,war on drug is not efficient,too many peoples ready to fight for the money from drug sale. Humans are stupid to create an underground system and complain about it after. How many peoples was dying from prohibition of alcohol and everyone was drinking. Educate and show at school the side effects and consequences of drug use is way more intelligent than taking civilians in hostage of drug criminal. Just legalize prostitution in the same time. As long as humans will have needs,others will find a way to give a service illegal or not

  • Greg - 2 years ago

    I'm no hunter, but I understand hunting; Rifles, bows, etc.
    Handguns? there is no reason for them in today's society.
    The issue though isn't guns, it's the lack of hardnosed enforcement for misuse of them.
    The issue is mainly on the judicial side.
    If you misuse them, through the key away. No excuses. Bail should be a treat, not an expectation.

  • Ed - 2 years ago

    The legal handgun owners are not the problem unless they do not store safely...Hiding a gun under the sofa or in a cabinet is not safe storage. Penalties are light for unsafe storage, this needs changing.
    Possession of an unregistered hand gun by any person who does or does not have the proper permits should be automatic minimum three years. Possession of a handgun that has been used to commit any crime should be automatic 10 yrs.

  • Joel - 2 years ago

    The fact remains that this shooting was done with an illegal gun, smuggled in from the US. And the shooter was not in possession of a license. Our current system is quite clearly working as far as keeping people like that from legally acquiring guns. Plain and simple, more laws do 0 to change this, boots on the ground would certainly help, give the police and the border guards the people power and the resources to combat gangs and smugglers.

  • Wayne galley - 2 years ago

    I voted for "enough" only because "too much is being done" wasn't an option.
    Do some real work on reducing CRIME & leave legal gun owners alone.

  • Webb - 2 years ago


  • steve - 2 years ago

    An armed society is a polite society.
    Society is safer when criminals dont know who is armed.

  • Sharon Hart - 2 years ago

    I voted that more needs to be done and what I mean, is that more needs to be done to stop illegal sales of guns, to deal with the drug problem, the gang problem and illegal immigrant problem. Canada has become a hiding place for every criminal from around the world. This is not multiculturalism . It is insanity. The less that is done to deal with the real issues the bigger the problem becomes.

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    Making illegal acts more illegal has never worked throughout history I think it’s about time to work on prevention and intervention before people choose a poor path in life gangs/drugs/mental health are all a resault of well known exposures during the formative years it’s high time we invest in education and break the cycles.

  • Kristian Gunderson - 2 years ago

    Banning the sale of drugs in cities would go a lot further to reducing crime than banning the sale of handguns. They could also try an outright ban on criminals, that might work.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Do any of these highly opinionated politicians really know how tightly regulated handguns already are in Canada? Let's start: They can only be transported in the most direct route from ones residence to an approved range, and while doing so they need to be unloaded, locked in a box, and locked with a trigger lock. You must have a license to buy one, and every handgun legally bought is registered. The Chief Firearms Officer has the authority to inspect your dwellings, and verify that you are in possession of all of your registered handguns, and that they are safely stored in the residence (i.e. - in a locked cabinet or a safe). A failure to meet any of the above, and you are potentially looking at some serious jail time, not to mention a loss of your firearms license (and firearms), and huge legal bills. As a result, here is my question to any politician who is truly interested in reducing gun crime, and not just disarming law abiding citizens: DO WE REALLY NEED MORE RESTRICTIVE HANDGUN LAWS FOR THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF CANADA?!

    I'm not holding my breath on the response for this one...

  • Taylor - 2 years ago

    The sale of guns legally isn't the problem it's the fact that the fines being used illegally are also being obtained illegally. these gangs in toronto aren't walking g in to any store and putting their info down contacting doctors and then registering what happens when the honest people aren't able to purchase legally and are left unprotected because the gangs are still going to have them and be able to find them on the street.
    And I hate to say it but we all know the worst is yet to come!!!!!!!

  • Alex - 2 years ago

    Yes. Cause outlawing legally purchased private property will do wonders for reducing crime rates. Liberals really are f**ked in the head if they think this is a solution.
    I've owned guns since I was 18. Never any issues.
    As a RPAL holder I am screened daily. Punishing the most law abiding demographic in Canada is a joke a slap in the face.
    People who have zero idea of what it takes to purchase a gun legally, beak off about things they know nothing about.
    Ask me. I'll be happy to give you facts. Also out of all the shootings in Toronto this year, how many were done by licensed PAL holders?

  • Dmeierhofer - 2 years ago

    Once again, the liberals under the guise of public safety are moving toward further restrictions that would impact only legal firearms owners. Focusing on the issues that would actually improve public safety is too much of a leap. i.e. gangs, illegal guns, social inequities, road safety .....there is a long list. This liberal government is inept and needs to go.

  • pat - 2 years ago

    I see a lot of people are jumping on wagon , condemning gun control. I am for Hand Gun Control,,, for the illegal carriers !!!! A licensed law abiding gun carrier, this is not for you! First of all we need the politicians ( hey Trudeau, Ford , Tory ) to grow some brass ones , and change some laws , and it's simple . You get caught carrying an illegal hand gun , Automatic 10 years! Commit a crime , Automatic 20 years , injure or kill , Automatic LIFE !!!! With no plea bargains from the Suits But we all know this won't happen, Why ? No brass balls and these deaths are an acceptable statistic in politician eyes . Oh sure , they Tweet out condolences , sorry for your loss blag blah blah . Time to wake up and do something ! And stop catering to the minority activists !!! Dare ya !

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Yet another idiotic statement made by a politician, its always ban the guns to correct the problem. When the last murder weapon was a van why didn't John Tory say why does anybody I'm Toronto need a van or a rental car? When will the public finally call out our politicians to tell the real truth about violent crimes, we don't have a firearm problem in Canada we have a gang and an immigration problem. Watch the news reports on all of the shootings and homicides and you will notice a common trend, all of the suspects come from only a handful of countries. So stand up against our countries careless immigration practices and force our government stop the importation of people from those nations. The liberal government wasted 3 billion dollars on a gun registry that saved nobody's life and only burdened legal gun owners, how many lives would have been saved if that money had been spent on our hospitals? When it comes time to vote remember it was the liberal party that brought these problems into our great country.

  • Bevan - 2 years ago

    Tighten up border inspections
    The problem isn't those with registered weapons

  • Rp - 2 years ago

    Every time a criminal does something the government always finds an excuse to try and take away people's guns and restrict law abiding citizens even further. Is the government really so foolish as to believe that coming down on law abiding citizens is really going to stop criminal activity ( these are suppose to be educated people).
    With criminals possible higher use of guns,people should have guns for personal protection..what you really thin the police or anybody else will be around to help??even 5 min and a criminal can do a lot of damage to you and your family. Restricting good Canadian citizens of their ability to own guns is advertising to the criminals " we are disarming the people so you can victimize people more."
    Remember the ability to be able to protect you and your families lives is A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE!!!!

  • Den J - 2 years ago

    Law abiding handgun owners who wish to own a handgun are not the problem here any more than they were with the long gun registry...leave the average Canadian alone and concentrate on the bad apples...there needs to be a registry for owners who have multiple gun purchases, or have bought a gun and have mental issues to manage or a police record...they are the minority in Canadian society, concentrate on them and leave the rest of us alone.
    Don't let it be another car insurance fiasco where those of us with good driving records have to pay for the bad drivers on the roads today, and don't get me started on "translators" who write the test for newer Canadians who can't read english and don't understand the rules of the road...they and young speeders are the cause of the majority of accidents today.

  • Bill - 2 years ago

    AMEN MIKE!!!!

  • Cyndi Thompson - 2 years ago

    I agree we need less fun control and more criminal control!! Stop letting bleeding hearts get away with the poor little Johnny syndrome! Bring back capital punishment quick!

  • Scott - 2 years ago

    There should have been an option for less gun control. A lot of our current gun control is superficial. It is bureaucracy for the sake of appearing to do something. Every time one of these instances occur politicians and anti-gun groups jump on the more gun control or ban band wagon. Its the same old same old. But when a guy drives a van down the street and wipes out way more people it is dropped from discussion within days because realization hits that evil people will do evil things regardless of the tool available.

  • Amanda - 2 years ago

    You know what would make the gun toting thugs think twice about opening up on a group of unsuspecting citizens in Toronto? The thought that somewhere in that group there might be 1 or 2 LEGAL GUN OWNERS who are AUTHORIZED TO CARRY and TRAINED TO RETURN DEADLY FIRE. The thugs aren't getting their guns or their ammo from licensed law abiding gun owners. It's time Canada stopped being such a weak, limp wristed country. You want to take shots at us? OUR GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO ALLOW US TO ARM OURSELVES SO WE CAN SHOOT BACK.

  • Marco - 2 years ago

    It was done by a dude with mental problems. Stop the fear mongering . It makes the politicians and police look like a freaking heroes.

  • Kev - 2 years ago

    Maybe it time to have open carry in canada then just maybe the criminals may think twice before doing anything.Having gun laws is not going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

  • Magmalis - 2 years ago

    Where is the less gun control option? Law abiding citizens are sitting ducks for criminal gangs, terrorists, and unstable individuals that can break the law and commit horrific acts of violence with little to nothing happening except to further restrict the rights of the innocent.

  • sid - 2 years ago

    Unlicensed muslim gang associate with mental issues uses a smuggled illegal gun to commit act of terrorism. Yup, better make life worse for the most law abiding group of people in the country. Amazing how the anti-gun morons can fit so much stupid inside such small minds.

  • Jude - 2 years ago

    There is absolutely no reason that people need handguns... I don't understand hunters but let them legally use shotguns...they don't use handguns, do they? And these guns are given from legal purchases????

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    It is fundamentally ridiculous to suggest that this country needs more gun laws. The Cops keep telling us crime is down and that they have a handle on things when its clear that they dont but dont even try to protect yourself because thats the job of police. Every single person there on that street should have had the right to shoot back at this man. But they couldn't because then they have been told to to be victims and just sit helplessly and wait for police. I have never been more disgusted with politicians, police, media and anti gun people. Enough is enough. Stop giving away your rights and start standing up to take this problem into our own hands. This is not how Canadians act and we should not be helpless victims. Band together, get off your facebook and walk away from your TV. Stop posting stupidity on social media acting like your helping even though you're not. Get off your butt and pressure your government to allow you to protect your families and your homes. They can not do it for you they say they can but there is countless examples showing they can't.

  • Syed - 2 years ago

    To be specific, it's mainly the illegal firearms that are doing most of the damage. The guy that did the danforth shooting already had prior mental issues, so why would a legitimate gun seller sell a mentally challenged dude a weapon? They wouldn't! The shooter most likely bought from a black market dealer or some thug off the street. He doesn't know that he has a mental condition and he doesn't care, he is just there to make some money. In my opinion, city needs to find a why to protect gun laws for responsible owners but at the same time have a crackdown on illegal weapons.

  • Chad - 2 years ago

    Where will the police officers get their hand guns and ammunition? Or do you think they won't need them any more?

  • Bethany - 2 years ago

    You forgot to allow me to voice my opinion. Remove all gun control laws, please.

  • Jordan - 2 years ago

    Anyone notice how the poll doesn't even give you the choice of saying "I disagree with the idea of gun control AT ALL"? The only cute option it gives is of saying "I'm not sure", which is absolute garbage. Our rights are being trampled and this is the fascist list of "choices" we are being offered in this poll. Disgraceful and fascist.

  • Dennis Wood - 2 years ago

    The city of Toronto is failing it's citizens by letting gangs and violence get out of control...then suggesting that the banning of handguns is the answer...legal hand gun owners are not the problem. The problem in Toronto and other city jurisdictions is the failure of the cities and their police forces to control the gangs and drug trade pure and simple. Leave the rest of Canadians and our gun rights alone...restricting Canadians ownership of legally obtained firearms is simply an offt used technique to draw attention away from the cities and law enforcements failures to protect society...Does any one with a whit of intelligence think that criminals will obey new gun laws...they are not obeying any laws now that is why we have the crisis in Toronto...it has become a cesspool.of crime with your leaders telling you it is a safe place to live...tell that to the families of every person killed by violence if any sort.
    Talking about banning handguns is a political statement to appease the masses and simply tells everyone that the city crime problem is out of control and they don't know what the he'll to do about it...all the while saying that citizens need not worry...peace and security...not...not ...not!
    Toronto needs new leadership at the council.level and as well on the policing front...if this were not the case the city would not have this problem.
    Take care of your own mess and leave pur countrywide gun laws alone...they are some of the most restricted laws and legal law-abiding citizens should not have their gun rights restricted because you can't control your city!

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    Guns are strongly regulated already in Canada but the real need is less glamorous and much more difficult to act on. We need to put resources against treating mental health, deploying more resources to track terrorism on Canadian soil, implementing decisive measures against gang violence and illegal sales of firearms as ammunition

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