Do you think men are basically useless in relationships until they are 33 or older?

  • recogniZE_TAste - 2 years ago

    "Maybe he was eating on...hayyyyyyy in the middle of the barnnnn!!"" LMFAOOOOOO!!! That took me smooth out. I laughed for a good 5 mins. That story was messed up though. Yikes! Love the show and (not related) I'm excited to be diving into the book club with the first niggalature reading. Love Nita D

  • Quianna - 2 years ago

    My aunts used to always say "dont no man want no trifling woman" while i was scrubbing toilets and doing laundry. My brother's chore...emptying the trash. Patriarchy teaches is to raise useless men.

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