How has your vote for Vice Mayor?
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  • Beth O’Shea - 3 years ago

    3:33 came and went yesterday and I shuddered. For those of you who do not remember, that was the time all principals in the district were required to attend weekly meetings where Dr, Garcia held court - trying to fix us. One memorable meeting was the one where he lectured us on how to dress professionally, I.e., what color our nail polish should be and how a tie should be tied. And then there was the Covey training in which we all were required to participate. Meanwhile he was transferring leaders at whim, fudging on numbers, hiring totally unqualified cronies, pretending to be something he was not, and using HR transfers to punish Staff whom he had decided to dislike.

    I feel for the honest, loyal, and true currently employed by MNPS. For some reason our school boards are swayed by the great talkers - the one who tells a story about the cardboard soles in his shoes or the one who recites s poem in his first interview. Maybe that’s because we are southerners and like Faulkner, appreciate good stories.

    It becomes especially concerning when the leader of a district acts like the school board reports to him. And the school board responds accordingly.

    I am praying for the teachers and children of MNPS. The situation is way out of hand.

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