Which project will get the green light first?

  • Danine Dolphin - 3 years ago

    Impossible to know. Whatever goes forward will be a gift to the world. I truly cannot imagine juggling through 8-15 viable conceptions in different stages all at once & not knowing which, if any will cone to reality, while also trying to generate new concepts in case none do. What a lot of work!!!
    Your job seems like fall to me. All those leaves, not knowing which will turn what color, which will fall to ground first, how long before any dry up and blow away: how many bags of leaves of ideas get raked up and tossed, old pikes you might get to jump back into which is fun....Don't know how I got stuck on this metaphor but...Heres to great seasons with one of those.

  • Rebecca Sims - 3 years ago

    I don’t care which one gets the green light - I know it’ll be great with you on board. However, I hope you get the one(s) you want most.

  • Mayanscaper - 3 years ago

    That poll is unfair because studios and production companies are like wormholes and you need John Crichton science and magic to know which will appear when and where they lead to. Each project sounds awesome.

    Given that Steven King and JJ Abrams (I believe) have a new small town supernatural TV show called Castle Rock in production, that's the only one that I'm skeptical about for you.

    I do know that whatever you get to do will be wonderful and I look forward to reading or seeing it. (Or maybe helping with it?)

  • zack779 - 3 years ago

    I certainly very much hope some (at least one at the very least) of those possible projects comes about. You have been the driving force on several of my all time favorite shows - most notably Dark Matter and SGU, SGA, SG1 and I have never been once disappointed - So, only Good Luck!!!

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