Posted 6 months.


  • Obiadi michael Ikem - 5 months ago

    Dalu is the best right from Amazing Dunamis Mission

  • Matthew kelex - 5 months ago

    Truly he deserves d award cos he always delivers his best no matter where he is no matter who is involved...
    He dnt sing, he impact live n fill people with d holy ghost....

  • Okwila Son of J - 5 months ago

    Dalu de praiser is charismatic in his ministrations.

  • solomon melodies chiadikaobi a.k.a(akidi) lead, - 5 months ago

    Indid he's an oracle of praise not to move people here but to say d truth' nd as an old man in d music industry of ebonyi state dat has traveled far nd near i believed in he's gifts,if u guys can uplift him wit this up coming award I believe he will do more better ahead,tank u.

  • UGBO CALEB - 5 months ago

    I believe he is the best this year in coordination, collaboration, inspiring, Musician. The most amazing of it is his music doesn't get bored no matter the frequent time i/we listen to it or hear him. He is also humble and doesn't absent himself he joint effort with other musicians to promote music in any function. Sincerely he is indeed the best this year .

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