Daily Poll: Do you agree with Wai Young's idea to take out bike lanes at VGH?

  • Karen - 2 years ago

    I am a driver and a cyclist. The bike lanes on 10th and elsewhere in the city help save lives. Particularly 10th is a dangerous street without them. I was nearly hit twice in 5 minutes while cycling on 10th around VGH, by drivers suddenly doing u-turns without signalling. A new parking lot was built to more than accommodate the loss of street parking. This clears up traffic as many cars formerly cruised and circled up and down 10th looking for parking and now they can easily find a spot at the lot after dropping off their passengers. Win win. Wai Young is an opportunist who will say anything to get elected. This is her only election platform. She has neither the experience nor the knowledge to run the city. She is in it for the fame. She has shown no interest in improving the city until now.

  • Thank you Wai - 2 years ago

    Kudos to Wai for focusing on these outrageous bike lanes. They have made getting around the city much worse, even for ambulances. This pet project by Visionless has gone too far.

  • Larsa - 2 years ago

    Bike lanes have created much congestion, which leads to cars idling in traffic, NOT “green” at all. This is one of the several bike lanes in Vancouver that should be removed or redirected.

  • Graham - 2 years ago

    They definitely need to tear out those bike lanes! They should never have been out there in the first place especially with the life or death emergencies coming in and out of that entrance! The sooner the better! Get rid of them!

  • DaMan - 2 years ago

    Chuck the cheese! YOU sir are a racist! There is no room in Vancouver for people like you! Vancouver is a multi cultural city and THAT sir makes it strong. Leave your insecurities at home we don’t want to hear it! PersonallyI support what she is doing! Bike lanes are dangerous and are out of control! Common sense is what we need and I think that’s what she is saying! She has my vote!

  • Eric O'Dell - 2 years ago

    The lane on 10th may not be the best idea but Wai Young wants to RIP out many more bike lanes and that would very much be a step backward

  • VT - 2 years ago

    Cars stopping for bikes and pedestrians is not environmentally friendly. Not green. Wastes more gas and makes the city more polluted.

    Cars should have the right of way over bikes. From biggest and least maneuverable with least possible vision to most maneuverable with best possible vision, a pedestrian. Cars give right of way to buses and large commercial trucks.That is the only thing that makes sense. Pedestrians and bikes can stop much faster and maneuver much faster than cars. Watch out Canadians when you go to most other places in the world. That is the way it is. You will get ran over. Pedestrians and cyclists in Vancouver are the worst I have seen anywhere in the world. They seem angry at cars. When they are in the wrong and you honk at them they get angry. Like walking across Howe at Nelson and Howe when the Nelson right turn lane has a green arrow for cars and an orange hand for the pedestrians. Many drivers don't honk to tell pedestrians or bikes when they are in the wrong. So now much of this is becoming accepted behavior. Car drivers are also to blame for not discouraging this behavior. Stopping in the middle of a road for a jaywalkers that does not want to use the cross walk 5 meters down the road. That needs to stop cars behind you are not expecting it. I am also a pedestrian and I sure don't put my life in the hands of someone behind the wheel of a ton of fast moving metal. That would be just plan stupid. I value my life. Quick lesson from grade school. Cars take time and distance to slow down. Pedestrians can stop on a dime. What happend to stop and look both ways before crossing the street? Didn't your mother teach you that.

    Concerned daily downtown Vancouver resident, worker, car driver, cyclist, and pedestrian. Living downtown for 20 years. Have many more of these stories to share.

  • CM - 2 years ago

    Patients have no choice to go somewhere else. Bicyclists do. Dividing the heart of the medical district with bike lanes was absolutely the wrong thing to do. This city administration has shown little understanding or regard for the challenges faced by those who are sick and disabled in this city and inserting bike lanes here was the epitome of that ignorance and lack of care.

  • Joe - 2 years ago

    When a cyclist gets hit by a car they can die. Cycling is environmentally sound transportation. For both the safety and environmental reasons we need more cycle lanes, not less.

  • Fred - 2 years ago

    Leave your racist and factually incorrect comments at the door.

  • Chucky - 2 years ago

    This Chinese Immigrant is a “Failed” candidate in the previous federal election. This “Failed” Chinese immigrant also “Strongly Supports” shark fin soup. Were sharks are caught, there fins removed and thrown back into the ocean to ultimately die by starvation and drowning. Really people! Is this the kind of person you want running our beautiful city???

  • Kate - 2 years ago

    As a resident of Greater Vancouver over the past 8 years, the attitudes of bike riders have definitely worsened. Bike lanes are there and bikers continually ride their bikes on the sidewalks. Last time I looked at the laws, pedestrians still had the right-of-way, but bikers seem to be exempt from it. When did that law change - or did it? I have also had the experience of trying to get into the hospital at VGH and have witnessed this scenario described in the article. It's a disgusting show of selfish behaviour for these bikers. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Kyle - 2 years ago

    Take out the rest of the bike lanes while they're at it.

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    My partner is a paramedic and tells of too many cyclists who pay little or no heed to emergancy vehicles trying to enter the ER area. Move the darn thing over a few blocks!

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