What should Lily do?

  • sfs - 3 years ago

    It was an mistake Lillie and Hillary did make up. I think its wrong to pit sister and brother against each other.

    I am so try of this show. Lilly would never hurt her brother.

  • Sb - 3 years ago

    Lily needs to relive the accident as nightmares.
    Be admitted to Fairview. At Fairview Lily needs to find Drucella. Drucella needs to come out a comatose state. Drucelka then can return to the show.
    Kane needs to go to the slammer, he so boring.
    The kids need to move in with Neil.
    Then Jill can come back and drive Esther batty for awhile, till Nikki jumps and Jill can have a cat fight over the ugly art in the park..
    Then have the art dug up and moved to the Mansion.
    Freaking out Victoria. Then JT can comeback
    He needs to have a tumor causing he craziness. Then JT come back and be normal again. We need Adam back again.. to stir the pot.. let's get the exciting Billy back, this one bores me.
    Get some excitement back in the show again.

  • viki vee - 3 years ago

    i’m tired of stupid storylines such as this. the inept GCPD has sunk to a new low in becoming the keystone cops. it’s an obvious case of vehicular manslaughter and there are only two suspects. do the writers expect the viewers to believe they never interviewed the other driver?

  • connie GRANGER - 3 years ago

    I'm glad Hillary have left the show and Devon need to move on and that young lady nobody knows anything about her back ground, it's her fault if she hadn't try to get in bed with Lilly son

  • Michael Seamon - 3 years ago

    She needs to just leave town forever. Lame is the most boring couple in all of daytime.

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