Should the Clearwater shooter be allowed to use "Stand Your Ground" as a defense?

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  • Ralph Bowman - 2 years ago

    "Boca-area man dies after altercation on New York street"

  • Ralph Bowman - 2 years ago

    Headline- "Family fears for Boca-area man unconscious after altercation on New York street". This is the same action that happened in the parking lot.
    The action of McGlockton could have left Drejka unconscious, in a coma or dead.

  • Andy Clen - 2 years ago

    The incident began with an unlawful act - illegal parking. It escalated with another illegal act - a violent assault on a handicapped person. It ended with a lawful act - the handicapped person protecting himself with deadly force. End of story. My observation continues to see the stand your ground laws as being an effective deterrent against crime and the media continues to do a good job illuminating this fact.

  • Dawn H. - 2 years ago

    What does race have to with it. If the shooter had been black and the white guy died it would have made a difference. The shooter would've been arrested. He wouldn't been able to claim stand your ground. It seems that only white or light colored skin can claim stand your ground. Because wasn't McGlockton standing his ground protecting his family? The store employee has stated that Jacobs has been harassing other customers in parking lot before this incident.

  • Ben Siegal - 2 years ago

    What the hell does anyone's race have to do with it?? Would it have been different if the shooter was black, and deceased had been white? You people in the media are such a bunch of race baiters.

  • Lora A Davis - 2 years ago

    I think that it should be up to the police to enforce the law not everyday people that should mind their own business take the license plate number or a picture don't kill someone because you can now it's a woulda shoulda coulda situation which is just sad now all around

  • Mel H - 2 years ago

    Irony would be if instead of dying, McGlockton has been left handicapped and in a wheelchair. Then when he and Jacobs were seeking a handicap parking space, none would be available because lazy a-- people who think they can park anywhere, had taken them all. Karma's a you-know-what.

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