Do you prefer your grits with sugar or butter?

Posted 6 months.


  • EvieE - 5 months ago

    People who put sugar in their grits voted for Trump

  • Miss Krysable - 5 months ago

    Uhhh where's the option for both? How about those who want boffa dem?

  • ROCC STAR - 5 months ago

    I'm going to keep it short and sweet, grits wit sugar are for kids and white folks! Step your grit game up, people. Hashtag: Team butter, salt and pepper.

  • FalconsDiva - 5 months ago

    Growing up, my grandmother used to put sugar on my grits to get me to eat them. But then again, she would put sugar in anything to appease me. In my milk, in my rice... that was because I was like Troy from Crooklyn back then, I fell asleep at the kitchen many a night because I refused to eat certain things. But I digress... Now that I'm grown, I wouldn't dare put sugar on my grits. But I do enjoy a good bowl of Cream of Wheat in the winter.

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