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  • Keith butcher - 2 years ago

    After a brutal give and take wrestling match the bout erupts into a vicious fist fight...Perris knocks out Columbo with a solid right uppercut...Down for the count,,,,,and beyond!!

  • twz - 4 years ago

    perris and columbo are both in thongs as they lock up in the ring. its back and forth basic wrestling until perris slams a martial arts kick to columbo's big chest sending him crashing into a corner. columbo is stunned but comes back grabbing perris in a crushing bearhug. perris is gasping as mike lifts him into the air squeezing his lower back as he forces the air from paul's lungs. perris draws his legs up to mikes chest ramming a knee to his ribs. mike is forced to drop paul as both men are now hurting bad. it comes down to fists as they enter the final moments of their battle. columbo lands a few body shots to perris' rock-hard abs as perris returns with a right to the jaw that drop columbo to his knees. a knee lift to the face sends columbo to his back where perris mounts him bashing him into unconsciousness.

  • William Donlen - 4 years ago

    Those "epic" battles from a few years back were ALL super charged with sex The guys were all hunks with personalities and if/when they got naked temp went up 100-fold!!

  • dave - 4 years ago

    Mike wins but after receiving a lot of punishment. There's a lot of back and forth punching and throws and workovers as they feel each other out. Paul hurls Mike into a corner. He knows how to use his guns and blasts Mike's abs and works his way down to Mike's balls. Paul is surprised the ball punch doesn't have the knock-out effect he usually gets. Mike retaliates with a shin kick. Paul drops and Mike follows. Long, brutal squeezes, but Mike is a buster from way back. He knows Paul loves to give it but can't take it. Paul also tends to squeeze and leave himself wide open. Both guys' cocks are like arrows. Mike also gives Paul a couple of chops on his cock. Mike finally straddles Paul's body in a reverse schoolboy and relentlessly drives his fists into Paul's abs, with an occasional whack at Paul's balls. Paul can no longer take the fists and taps out. Mike gives Paul a victory jab in his balls.

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