Who is looking forward to HAPPYTIME MURDERS and why?

Posted 6 months.


  • Bryan - 5 months ago

    In the same way that people are always questioning what the saturation point for superhero movies is, I have the same question about dirty puppet movies. Because there sure are a lot of them. This whole genre is profoundly uninspired and so so soooooooo tiresome.

  • Zak - 5 months ago

    I just hope it doesn't get that puppets doing gross stuff isn't funny by itself. There also has to be, like, real jokes.

  • Laura Ellis - 5 months ago

    Roger Rabbit with puppets. Could be good, but I am not a Melissa McCarthy fan. I hope this will live up to it's predecessor, but I am not optimistic.

  • Brad (West MKE, WI) (Formerly Brad in Oconomowoc) - 5 months ago

    It basically sounds like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? but with Muppets instead of cartoons, and Melissa McCarthy in the Bob Hoskins role. I feel like this will either be genius, or a total trainwreck, and which way it goes will depend entirely on their script, and the performances. I want it to be good, but the trailers are not filling me with hope.

  • Ryan D - 5 months ago

    The Muppet Movie is the greatest film about making films.

  • Jeff - Olympia, WA - 5 months ago

    I'm a Muppet fan and curious. It's hard not to be curious with this cast and the premise of "live-action / puppet hybrid only the puppets are a raunchy riff on Muppets". I haven't seen a trailer, yet. But the premise is enough to get me curious. Hoping it doesn't suck.

  • Rob in Bourbonnais - 5 months ago

    Where's the "I'm a Muppets Fan and curious" option?

  • Stephen - 5 months ago

    As someone who grew up with the Muppets and was absolutely gutted when Jim Henson passed away, I see The Happytime Murders as going too far. The Muppets had “edge”, but the red band trailer left me cold, as it came across as crude for crude's sake. There’s no heart to it.

  • Tom Morris - 5 months ago

    Disney owns the Muppets and thanks to a lawsuit between Sesame Street and Avenue Q, Muppets are legally defined. This is NOT a Muppet movie, however most of the active Muppet performers are working on it. They have freedom to go crazy as Jim Henson intended. This is a must see for me but NOT my kids.

  • Bruce Batchelor-Glader - 5 months ago

    I can’t honestly gather up any interest for The Happytime Murders after viewing the red band trailer on You Tube. Not only does the trailer go out of its way to be offensive and crude, but it’s just not funny or clever. The film will have to rise above its marketing to garner my attention. Thankfully Josh and Adam will do the advance work for me.

  • Erik Skog - 5 months ago

    As a 90's kid I grew up with The Muppets being pretty popular.
    But since I've never really been a big fan of "muppet movies", I never caught on the hype.
    I think I've only watched a few movies/sketches which includes : A Christmas Strory, The Swedish Chef (and some other ones that I can't remember the name of.
    So it's pretty fair to say that I won't be planning to go see it, but maybe give it a chance when it comes out on Blu-Ray or various streaming platforms.

    Thanks for a great show!

  • Mitka Alperovitz - 5 months ago

    As a big fan of Meet the Feebles, that also takes the idea of lovable puppets and placing them in grown up scenarios I have to put a vote in for being curious about Happytime Murders.

  • Ethan McElhinny (Pittsburgh) - 5 months ago

    As a huge fan of the musical Avenue Q that also takes the idea of lovable puppets and placing them in grown up scenarios I have to put a vote in for being curious about Happytime Murders.

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