Will Hope and Liam's wedding actually happen?


  • Carla - 6 years ago

    Hope pretended to be Steffy friend and support her and Liam when she knew she wanted him all along. She kept filling his head with doubts acting so innocent. Snake. Then she gets pregnant how do we know she didn't come her pregnant. She came back for a reason. I hope something happens like it's someone else child. I think her mother called her here after she found out they were having problems. Like mom like daughter this whole thing has Brooke all over it. She is conniving and wants what she wants no matter who gets hurt. Hope is not as innocent as she appears. Pls. Stop Liam for once fight for your family and the one you love not 2nd choice. Hope should see that too way too soon after preparing to marry Steffy again.He doesn't love her. Team Steffy.

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    All that to say this why is Brooke even talking let's not forget she slept with Oliver at her own daughter 18 birthday party yeah her sweet hope's man an please with that she's a better person then steffy act basically she's following in her same tracks an Liam he just like jungling two women at least steffy own's it an still walks with her head held high she's not like hope at least when steffy does something your gonna see it coming now back to this slut from the valley okay writer's you done flipped steffy an Liam's marriage so much now it's time to break up some more like Mya an Rick or maybe steffy can date Carter but what ever you do stop making us play the same old game with the same people an the same old story line because I'm so tired of the repeats

  • Mom of 4 - 6 years ago

    Steffy and Liam. Steffy get your man back????

  • Mom of 4 - 6 years ago

    Liam and steffy need to get back together. Hope needs to go back wherever she came from. I cry every time liam and steff are apart omg its just tv . I hate when they fight. I wish that liam and steffy were actually a couple in real life. Lol

  • samella mosley - 6 years ago

    My comment that Liam is A paper doll man hope can fold him any way that she want to. He need to grow up and be a real man and not A paper doll if you love your baby mother the one that is all ready here. then stop been a hoe chaser and marry the one that is all ready here the baby i mean her mother. Brook talk about staffy all the time and about sleeping with bill well brook slept with her husband father and his brother and she had a baby by her husband father. and she had affair with her sister husband Bill did she forget all of that or did she have a memory lost what up with that brook did worse then any body writers you need to write something difference.

  • Sher - 6 years ago

    I would Love to see Liam profess his love for Steffy. Hope is very manipulative just like her Trampy mother. Don't like her. TEAM STEFFY!!!

  • Desi - 6 years ago

    Whatever happens the one who loved him most let him go. Stephanie sacrificed her love and happiness. Hope never intended to support their family and she brought so much destruction with her. She had a different face for everyone and twisted the reality of conversations with Liam. She was right lies made this baby and maybe now this marriage. For a pregnant woman we never see her at the doctors. Every mother needs to see her baby well. It either is phantom or another father. The day she “found out” it took too long for her to just go purchase a pregnancy test. This girl is a master manipulator and has worked everyone especially her mother. She takes advantage of her mother’s destiny complex and makes Liam’s words or interactions sound more definitive than they are. Hopes plot from Paris. Her character is a major decline. This marriage will be more boring than watching golf for 8 hours or watching people tear small strips of paper.

  • Wendy Truitt - 6 years ago

    Please let hope go back to where she came from or lose the baby and let liam go back to steffy because each time they have tried to be together hope always intervene in their relationship just like when her and Wyatt was talking she stoppes that. So please make steffy happy cause she never gets her man its always the logans. She is just like her mom always taking people men. Just like her mom dated her sister husband and thought it was okay just please let them be happy cause steffy so deserves it. Brooke dont know what she needs cause its okay for hee cause she even went with bridgett husband hee daughter and thats how hope was made just sickening and hope is just like her so writers if you do nothing else all year let steffy and liam be happy

  • Dale - 6 years ago

    Please let them get married Hope deserves this the writers always do it for queen Steffy so do it for Hope otherwise the show should be called the Steffy Forrester show as she gets whatever she wants so please do it

  • Dorothy - 6 years ago

    My question is why do the Logans thank they can have any man they want Not trying to be mean but the writers need to come up with something new or bring Steffy a hot new love

  • Kimmie - 6 years ago

    Lim and Hope will marry because he gave Steffie the opportunity to change her mind, and by Lim having this sanctimonious attitude to do the right thing, he will not hurt Hope's heart again....the wedding is on.

  • Jacqueline Smith - 6 years ago

    Please let hope and Liam marry! BC Stephy/ Liam has had ample time to get it right!! Let Liam/ hope show how married life is as a Family! ! Please

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