Is there something fishy about the release of the former teachers' union boss, or was it another botched investigation?

Posted 3 months.


  • Paul Valon - 2 months ago

    It is so easy to have people released claiming irregularities in the procedure to prosecute and imprison.
    Corruption is rife and extensive right to the top levels of Government. The release of this parasitical woman was told to me the moment she was arrested.
    This release illustrates the total disdain the Government and the “ Justice” system has for all Mexicans.

  • Juan Diaz - 3 months ago

    It,s time to cancel ALL union leaders who are just parasites, fleas to the regular worker. NO MORE VETUSTOS VELAZQUEZ !! No more master puppeteers ! The workers can manage themselves through board of directors or representatives but VOLUNTEERS , no more parasites, zanganos !!.

  • Keira Morgan - 3 months ago

    It is reported that everything she did was approved and legal according to SNTE rules. If so, their rules are highly criminal and so is their board and their approval process. This is fishy to say the least. The whole union leadership should go to jail if it says what she did was legal and acceptable. And a revision of their constitution and regulations and the election of a new board is urgently required.

  • JACQUES - 3 months ago

    AMLO wants peace with unions and is absolving all these crooks ( she’s not the only one) of years and years on abuse of power, illicit enrichment, etc.

  • Diana larsen - 3 months ago

    This woman is a crook and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I have alerted officials in california

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