Do you enjoy Katie and Thorne?


  • Magda Spyridakis - 6 years ago

    Liam should be with Steffy. She's exciting, spontaneous and they have great chemistry together. The actress who plays hope doesn't know how to act and her character is so boring. Hope should go back to Paris or where ever she came from.

  • Lynette - 6 years ago

    Laying on the Hub Belong Together Stephanie is always interrupted the two of them for being together she stopped them always by pulling stunts with her father-in-law bill. I like what she is done on the Shelf let her be the power woman of Foresters I think it would be awesome to see her take charge and be the woman that she said she was going to be and for the three of them to pull together and become a family for themselves in the kids three adults in the two children working together as a family to show people that it can be done on TV and in the world

  • Martha - 6 years ago

    Leave hope and liam together . liam belone to no one but himself.

  • Lizbeth Krzynowek - 6 years ago

    Can pls talk ms talk about Liam and Hope....I dont want them together. ..He belongs w Steffy....pls get them back together. ...or i wil stop watching. .

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