Battle to Be the Best

  • KeithButcher - 1 year ago

    A fight story for Bard in the near future ?? Dom "The Dominator " Zacarro...vs...Vinnie Trevino , In a major brawl of two muscular , hot Italian studs !!!

  • KeithButcher - 1 year ago

    Wolff never had a chance in a fight with Zacarro!! Body slams,pile-drivers and Zacarro's blazing fists had Wolff staggered within five minutes.....Wolff swung a wild right hook which Zacarro easily blocked,answering with a brutal right uppercut that snapped Wolff's chin skyward..Wolff slammed into the corner of the ring...Dom flexed his mighty biceps and moved in to finish Mark!!!.....It was all Zacarro as his fists landed a total of 22 punches to Wolff's jaw...(he was out cold after #11.).....Zacarro stepped back and let Wolf's unconscious body sink to the mat.....When he came to Zacarro was gone but he had left his mark all over his face and muscular chest.............

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