Candidates for Connecticut governor

  • terri wheeler - 4 years ago

    Don't like the way Trump runs things. All he does is tweet . The country can't run on his tweets. He blames everyone else but himself. But i do like Stefanowski better than Ned Malloy.

  • Scott Ferguson - 4 years ago

    Ronald, I’m a registered Dem as well and I’m not thrilled with this state either. But the GOP is ruining America. They’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker in with Trump and all of his awfulness. No thanks. I’d rather vote in a Dem and hold them accountable than put our state on the hands of a party that won’t stand up to a tyrant.

  • Ronald Blois - 4 years ago

    The democrates have ruined the state. We need a change. I am a registered democrat!

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