Battle to Be the Best


  • Keith butcher - 2 years ago

    "The Dominator " would appear to own Vee from the opening bell...The wrestling match would erupt into a bare-knuckled brawl....The two would trade solid punches with a right uppercut to Dom's chin buckling his legs..He would recover and come back with his fists hammering away at Vee's jaw,,,,A solid right uppercut to Vee's chin would rocket him 6 inches off the mat....Slamming onto his back , out cold...."The Dominator" stands over him and flexes his rockhard biceps...

  • David Walker - 4 years ago

    It's a surprisingly good back-and-forth match. Dom's balls are still tender, but Wolff didn't a lot of damage yesterday. Still, Dom is kind of touchy. Mikey couldn't care less. If there's one thing he learned from Mike Columbo, your opponent always, always leaves something open, and Mikey kept working that. Bear hug to ballbreaker knee drop? A hard right to Dom's chin made Dom's arms fall, so Mikey gets up and while he's still a little stunned, Mikey pushes Dom back to the mat. Dom throws Mikey into a corner? Mikey lands a foot to Dom's gut as Dom rushes toward him, which stops Dom cold and Mikey rams the toe of his boot into Dom's balls.
    There's been a lot of mat play. Some near lethal ball grabs, squeezes and punches. Dom forgets Mikey's arm. Mikey's hand grabs Dom's package with unrelenting strength, forcing Dom to loosen his grip, which Mikey acknowledges with an uppercut into Dom's balls, which topples him on top of Mikey. He grabs Dom by his neck and, since he has two hands again, chokes Dom violently, unrelentingly, sapping the strength from Dom's body. Mikey's cock swells from the power this gives him. He throws Dom off his body and slowly stands. He has a little time to recover. Dom is on his hands and knees. Mikey lands a solid strike to Dom's balls with his boot. Dom falls forward.
    "Fuckin Dominator, huh?" Mikey walks to Dom's head, which is on the mat. He grabs it and throws it to the mat. He walks to Dom's side and lands a solid kick to Dom's ribs. Dom collapses. Mikey returns to Dom's head and lifts it by the hair and keeps pulling. Dom has to stand up. Mikey throws Dom against the ropes. Whether on purpose or just because he couldn't control his arm, Dom's arm flies over the top rope. Mikey walks to the rope, throws Dom's other arm over the ropes and, pressing hard against Dom's body, raises the middle rope and securely ties arms.
    "Nobody beats my partner and gets away with it," Mikey growled as he pulled Dom's briefs down to his ankles. "Nobody," he said, landing a lead fist on Dom's left ball. Dom rolled his head and Mikey blasted Dom's right nut. Dom could barely moan, his sort of erect cock bobbing up and down with each punch. Mikey knew any kick by Dom wouldn't hurt, so he straddled Dom's feet and battered Dom's once-steel abs with his fists, ending with a fist to Dom's jaw. He grabbed Dom's legs and pulled his body away from the ropes. He ripped Dom's brief away from his ankles and spread his legs.
    "I'm gonna call this the Mikey V," he said, as he stood in front of the wide open Dom. He wanted this guy destroyed. He took his briefs off and admired his work by stroking his dagger-like cock. He kneed Dom's almost black balls. He untied Dom. Dom sank like a rock. Mikey grabbed an arm and with his other hand pulled Dom up by his hair. Dom was up but leaning against the ropes. Mikey gave Dom three chops across the chest. Mikey grabbed Dom's arm and threw him into the corner. Dom started to sag when two hands grabbed Dom's arms and pulled him up and threw his arms over the top rope.
    Mike Columbo shrugged. "No rules, right?" Mikey smiled in disbelief. "You already knocked this fucker out," Mike told his tag team partner. "You wanna play?"
    Dom's eyes opened. What...? He saw Mikey rush him and drive a shoulder into Dom's limp body. Then a blast to his balls, a huge roundhouse to the chin, but Dom felt hands keeping his head up. The hands put Dom's head forward and then slammed back to the turnbuckle just as he got another chop. Dom dropped to the mat. Mike grabbed at Dom and said, "Outside the ring." Mike dragged Dom's body to the apron's edge. "Grab a leg." Mikey did. Mike lifted the limp former ballbuster over his head, his hand on Dom's back. Mikey raises the other leg, and together drive Dom's balls into the metal pole. They watch Dom hit the floor. Mike wrapped his arm around Mikey's neck and they walked out of the room.

  • Steven Lerman - 4 years ago

    Mikey will take his time destroying Zom piece by piece while also giving his cock a a workout. This match will end with Dom in his back and Mikey’s juices covering his face and chest.

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