Do you want the Raiders to hold their preseason training camp in Reno?

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  • Ron meaders - 1 year ago

    They dont like America why should we have to support them I won't go across the street to see any of the NFL or the afl play

  • Sid - 1 year ago

    Raiders are named Raiders because they have an established record of raiding the public coffers, then moving on when advantageous to raid again -- LA, Oakland, Vegas, Napa, now Reno. Raiders in Napa only allowed up to 1,000 season ticket holders to view most preseason events so not much gain for Reno tourism. I had a close friend run housing in summer camp for another NFL team and said it was a losing proposition as there is very limited community involvement; most participants are just trying to make the team before they are cut. Moreover they would likely tie up many hotel rooms during our prime season for tourism.

  • Jason - 1 year ago

    What happens in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas.

  • Wendy Pitts - 1 year ago

    Let The Taxpayers Vote! Slimy Sandoval cherry picked a Little gang of 5 to give the AntiAmerican Kneelers our Room taxes that should be used for more LEO, not looting thugs! No more American Taxpayers money for The National Felon League! Disgusting what Reid/sandavol have done to Northern Nevada. Let US VOTE on it!!

  • Blake McBroom - 1 year ago

    Considering the Raiders received one hell of a deal to build there stadium in Vegas and UNLV basically gets access to the brand new billion dollar facility, the Raiders better be paying every penny to build something up here if they come. Not a Raiders fan, but it would be nice to have them practice here. Just don't see how the Nevada campus idea will work?

  • Scott knecht - 1 year ago

    Don’t we have enough bay-area thugs already moving to Reno?

  • Patrick - 1 year ago

    With the statement that "no city money (is on) on the table," it is a win-win proposition. It, in all likelihood, increases visitation from Bay Area and Southern Nevada residents, which is another revenue source for the region. It is a great marketing tool, an association with one of the NFL's most recognizable brands. And if the University of Nevada, Reno campus is used, the partnership could be a spur toward facility enhancement for the Wolf Pack. Like it or not, athletics are often a university's front door to the public, and this association very well could make the Pack more successful and produce dollars down the road to enhance the University's visibility.

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