How much impact will result from five big technology companies announcing their support last week for healthcare interoperability? (Poll Closed)

  • Not much
    178 votes

  • Some
    62 votes

  • A lot
    9 votes



  • Furydelabongo - 1 year ago

    As long as we consider interoperability to be a technology problem it will never be solved. For the same reason I doubt I'll ever be able to move seamlessly between a Honda, Ford, BMW and have a similar data experience. Everyone has their own secret sauce that gives them a market advantage. Why would they do anything to compromise that? I may have lost touch with who is targeted for interoperability solutions. Software vendors? Pharma? Providers? Me? Similarly I wonder if I'll ever get to use FaceTime on my Android. 150 years ago every state had their own currency. Seems intuitive that was goofy. Sorry for rambling but this conversation always seems to be more about preserving market share than improving outcomes.

  • Mark - 1 year ago

    The great thing about the five big tech companies getting into interoperability is it will make it easier for them to sell your health information to ours.

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