What is your sewing level?


  • Bya - 4 years ago

    Congratulations! You are so generous in sharing your talents!

  • Bya - 4 years ago

    Congratulations! You are so generous in sharing your talents!

  • Cindy - 4 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Erin - 4 years ago

    You are inspirational to beginners! Thank you!

  • Christine - 4 years ago

    I have loved your blogs!! I need more clothing refashion examples...skirts, tops, dresses. Thanks for all the great posts!!

  • Connie - 4 years ago

    Clever projects. Loved project runway.

  • Maree - 4 years ago

    I really love op shopping (thrift shopping) and refashioning things for myself and my grandchildren.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Anne S - 4 years ago

    Since I retired 6 years ago I have sewn a lot. I am trying to make up for all the lost time I didn’t sew while working, p,us I have way to much fabric. I also like to refashion items because I love thrift shopping. Thank you for the ideas you’ve shared.

  • Andie - 4 years ago

    I love refashioning and/or repurposing old clothes/thrift store finds. Your blog has such inventive ways to do this. I’m always so impressed by your work. It’s very inspirational.

  • Sonja - 4 years ago

    I live in the UK and came across your blog on Pintrest when I was looking to refashion some clothes. I use to sew my own clothes but have not done for about 30 years and wanted to refresh my memory, so thought I would start with refashion. You always look so nice in any of the projects you have done and made the refashion look so easy, it is a good place for beginners to start.

  • GG - 4 years ago

    I have several sewing machines & I am a quilter. I didn't know how to rank my status but since I don't sew clothes, maybe I should mark 'Beginner'. I came across your site awhile ago, during a time of refashioning some clothes. I really enjoyed the videos. I appreciated your clever creativity and your instructions.
    Thanks so much

  • Judi E. Sanders - 4 years ago

    You give me the incentive to get back into sewing once again, where I left off.

  • Becki - 4 years ago

    My sewing level varies depending on what I am working on. Definitely intermediate for garments though

  • Wendy - 4 years ago

    You spark my creativity ????. Thank you!

  • Ruth - 4 years ago

    Love your blogs.

  • Claire - 4 years ago

    Keep the re-fashions coming please!

  • Shelley - 4 years ago

    Your creativity is surpassed only by your imagination! Thank you for your unique designs

  • Sue Sanders - 4 years ago

    You do a great job

  • Sue Sanders - 4 years ago

    You do a great job

  • Sheila - 4 years ago


  • Dee - 4 years ago

    I have limited space to sew. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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