Has anyone ever said you talk white?


  • FalconsDiva - 6 years ago

    Growing up I was accused of acting white because my face stayed in a book but it wasn't until I moved down south that I was accused of talking white. Because of this, I was a superstar telemarketer LOL. During my senior year at A&T, I worked at the Sears Service Center. It was nothing for a customer to call and request that I made sure they didn't send a Black technician. I would always reply "and what color do you think I am?" Now when I was trying to sell something, I just let them think I was white - Sorry to Bother You...

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 years ago

    In high school I was always accused of acting white or talking white because I was a good student, basically a nerd. I read a lot and had good grades. I was also accused of being only book smart. Both my family and classmates always put me down for not being hip enough or wanting to be white because of what I liked. It was not until I was deep into my 20s that I realized that there was nothing white or upper crust sounding about me. I used to be angry about the teasing and accusations, but not anymore. I understand more now why it was said to me.

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