Should Chevy offer police versions of its Blazer or Traverse?


  • Vernal Bronson Sr - 5 years ago

    I'm a retired police officer and have driven numerous PPV's over the years. The best squad ever was the 70's NOVA, bar none. Second in line was the CAPRICE. Ford was third and Chrysler was last. In a squad, front wheel drive just doesn't cut it. I've never driven an AWD so I can't comment about how they would be. I'm from old school and the type of driving involved in police work doesn't favor traction control or anti-lock brakes. There are certain times that require traction to be broken . I would like to see GM get back into the SQUAD game and build a vehicle that is truly a police vehicle and not just a vehicle labeled as a PPV. GM always had the upper hand when it came to handling.

  • Stephen Goldberger - 5 years ago

    But it would complicate the spotter’s task if he had to look out for more than Explorers and Chargers

  • Patrick J Kavanagh - 5 years ago

    Why would you not want to build them for this market ? Let Toyota take over this market throughout America and people see them, as cartakers of emergencies !

  • John Foxgrover - 5 years ago

    police cars should be made in the US not Mexico

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