Does Summer deserve her punishment?

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    Summer was wrong but she needs to find her own man and leave others people man alone

  • Evelyn Kennard - 3 years ago

    Summer has a mental block, she`s spoiled brat used too having her way, just like her MOM . She does not understand why Billy does not want her when all the other guys like and want her. She really think she love Billy in her mind, Phyllis never told her about men because she was the same way and still is, and she sees all the other women doing the same things. Whats a girl to do, just because she`s grown does not make a difference Rich or poor life the same even in real life.

  • Mariadelcarmen Arvizu - 3 years ago

    Summer is one disgustingly twisted & contemptible piece of work!! She is the daughter from HELL, that no parent deserves, not even Phyllis! I cannot stand this out of control psycho BITCH

  • Deaira Spruill - 3 years ago

    Summer is a grown woman so why is everybody acting like she's a child that needs to be put in a time out I get that she's acting like one but so be it that's her choice Phyllis should've moved out as soon as Summer came back instead of acting like she had to be there to protect Summer just because she decided to change when in reality she's grown and capable of taking care of herself and able to make her own choices

  • MH - 3 years ago

    Summer is one fuck up daughter, for disrespecting her mother, can she tell Billy doesn't want her,. Please please get her off the show send her back, she disgusted trash.

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