How much impact will blockchain technology have on healthcare cost and quality? (Poll Closed)

  • Not much
    130 votes

  • Some
    39 votes

  • A lot
    10 votes



  • clarence - 1 year ago

    The biggest impact is the cost of time and energy spent exploring this fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

  • Former CIO - 1 year ago

    It's a database, a really slow database. What database has ever impacted cost or quality? When has a slower technology ever improved anything in healthcare?

  • Frank Poggio - 1 year ago

    As I wrote in my HISTalk readers write. .
    Mostly in the finance/admin/supply side because there still a BIG missing link.

  • Art_Vandelay - 1 year ago

    Why focus on the real challenge when we can recreate data persistence, ,data or message format, data or message containers, security, transport, and the like? Agreement on more detailed data standards are required. It is a vexing challenge but it can't be ignored forever.

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