Do you support the B.C. government's lawsuit against opioid industry

  • Main - 2 years ago

    Time to take responsibility with your own actions and if the BC government wants to sue someone ... go after the medical professionals that negligently prescribed the drug to the patient. In reality, if the patient can’t follow directions ... well then oh well.

  • Vanflailen - 2 years ago

    As an OPS worker, whose job it is to keep these addicts alive, I fully support this lawsuit. Big pharma created this problem, willfully. Stop blaming the addicts and start blaming the people who orchestrated this gong show.

  • Hippygypsie - 2 years ago

    I do not support this. What about people in chronic pain that cannot take NSAIDS or cannibis??? What then? What rights do they have? Addicts make a choice . I've known herion addicts that have went to rehab and got clean. Make rehab programs affordable and make more nebtal health programs available to addicts. Don't go after Drs

  • Chris Trepanier - 2 years ago

    It makes no sense to me. Why go after the opioid companies? When the doctors are the ones giving them to patients. Plus like the other fellow said most drug related death are not caused by opioids. Phentinol is the main problem here so why not go after that company. Like always our polititians try to put the blame where it Does'nt belong.

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    This lawsuit makes no sense as the vast majority of deaths is unrelated to prescription opioids

  • Wayne - 2 years ago

    I am someone with chronic pain and taking opiates that seriously help me remain working and self supportive. The makers of the drugs are hardly at fault. Doctors that over perscribe may be partially to blame. Not all Doctors do. But seriously responsability on the most part falls on the patient. I personally understand the great relief I get from pain. I also understand that if I take too much I get that high euphoric feeling. Bottom line is a manufacturer can produce these opiates. A Doctor can prescribe them. I do not have to take them. I chose to.

  • Larry - 2 years ago

    This is so ridiculous on the part of the provincial government. It will take decades to get through the courts. Also the lawyers fees alone will be in the tens of millions. These drug companies are multi billion dollar industries and they will also have the best lawyers. We the taxpayers get the shaft and really there is no consequences for the addicts. It is sending the wrong message.

  • Aaron Warbrick - 2 years ago

    How can none of you understand what’s going on here? How did these “addicts” of the last 10 years of over prescribing opiates, get addicted in the first place? “Oh it’s the addicts fault, It’s the addicts fault!”
    What the hell humanity, why are you all so willfully stupid.....

  • Art Woodruff - 2 years ago

    If the companies put out misleading information to doctors in Canada then perhaps a lawsuit is in order. Keep in mind that direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs is not allowed in Canada. News casts & the public are sending/getting mixed messages about oxycontin & fentanyl which are two distinctly different drugs. My understanding is that people are dying from counterfeit fentanyl laced with other ingredients. These counterfeit drugs do not come from pharmaceutical companies. When used appropriately these products work wonders. If these products are abused then the physician/patient relationship has to be reviewed. If an addict overdoses who is to blame. Who are the real culprits. One death is one too many.

  • Billl S - 2 years ago

    The pharma industry has distorted the benefits of opioids by emphasizing benefits and ignoring the more troubling findings of pain management that opioid use can increase sensitivity to pain....requiring more and more opioids. Convenient for pharma not so convenient for patients.

  • Bob - 2 years ago

    Of course, let’s blame some else! Is there a reason we are not blaming the people who willingly abuse the drugs?

  • Janice Nicholls - 2 years ago

    Nobody is twisting arms to get people to swallow these pills! Really! This only can cause problems for people in real physical pain who use Opioids prescribed by a Doctor for some relief, as a means of continuing life not ending it due to unbearable pain.

  • Mike M - 2 years ago

    The only ones who will benefit from these types of lawsuits are Lawyers. If the government wins what do you think will happen ? Do you think these guys will just throw up their hands and say “ you got us “ ? They will either claim bankruptcy or they will just increase the cost of all their products.

  • Chucky - 2 years ago

    I voted for the NDP and am proud that I did as you see Premier Horgan and Attorney General Eby standing up to these various poisonous entities who’s only motivation in society is maximizing profit for themselves and there share holders!

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