Do you agree with the Trans Mountain pipeline ruling?

  • ELLWOOD - 2 years ago

    These delays truly show the ignorance and stupidity of our legal system! WHY - 1. There is ALREADY a pipeline in place. 2. This ADDITION in itself would provide a Double redundancy, allowing shutdown of one pipeline in the event that there were problems with the other! 3. The Company and People employed are the Most experienced and Knowledgeable Oil workers IN THE WORLD! 4. These people and their employees are probably MORE EVIRONMENTALLY aware and concerned than ALL of the Nay-Sayers!

  • Ray Fortier - 2 years ago

    Who is running this country, if the National Government of this country is unable to get a project rolling why would any corporation choose to do business here. The train came off the rails with creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Every proposal is disqualified by this thoughtless charter. It was never intended to supersede the constitution nor the laws of the land nor the stewardship of the national government. Horgan is a joke with his green plan, if and when the greens can prove they are productive enough to supplant the economy as we know it then and only then will it be viable. Indians, Enviro Whackos and misguided politicians are the cause of this confusion and the sooner they are put in their place the better off we'll all be. Without revenue generators their welfare and ours becomes constricted and you all know who will be the first to feel the pinch .

  • Reg Coderre - 2 years ago

    I have worked in the Alberta Oil & Gad industry since I was 17 years old. I am currently 59 years young and still trying to make a living in this business. I believe Alberta should stop transfer payments to ALL OTHER PROVINCES. We have given billions of dollars of our resource money to provinces that would rather see us sink than swim. We can tell Justin, the child that he is, that we are not participating in any more cash payments to other provinces. Then we can demand a non confidence vote to rid ourselves of Ratchel Notley, who has done nothing more than put Alberta into a huge debt position because she doesn’t have a clue on how to be a leader. She would have trouble running any kind of business not to say the province of Alberta. We need someone on our side. Someone willing to ijust say NO when they have to. I have had enough of this socialist, tax greedy, pompous, and down right CRIMINALIST governments we have. It’s time we all band together and stop the MADDNESS. If you agree then shoot me an email and let’s get this ball rollome.

  • Roxanne Chmelyk - 2 years ago

    The Gov. needs to hand out
    ID cards for all those who appose to these projects.

    They cannot buy or sell any product that has been made with, or uses any type of these oil products. Nor can they live off the rewards of Alberta especially, that contributed so much. No more subsidies.
    No flying, no boating, no biking, no use of anything made from oil products. no rubber soles on shoes.
    no tires, back to steel wheels,

    Why are they not banning plastic bags instead of dumping them in the ocean and killing the fish.

    Why are they building and selling yacht 's , boats, planes? a double standard in every government program.
    He'll want that for an election promotion.

  • Debbie - 2 years ago

    We are quickly becoming a county that fights within its borders and its so sad. We need to show the world our strength as a small county, and we do the opposite.

  • ZMIST - 2 years ago

    GOD help YOU .. ME .. US .. THEM .. ALL !!

  • Roger - 2 years ago

    I guess moving oil by railroad is better .

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    3600 for and over 19000 against the court ruling. It appears to me the antipipeline people are of the minority. A conflict of interest by one of the judges, she should have been recused
    from being on the panel. I guess justice does not prevail.

  • Peter D. Messner Q.C. J.D. - 2 years ago

    Canada needs it and the alternative of shipping by trains is very costly and will still require more ships.

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    3600 for and over 19000 against the court ruling. It appears to me the antipipeline people are of the minority. A conflict of interest by one of the judges, she should have been recused from being on the panel. I guess justice does not prevail.

  • Graham Fletcher - 2 years ago

    It's appalling that a ruling PM cannot find the balls to move ahead with a project that is entirely within his jurisdiction to approve. The only wrinkle is some recent policies he interjected after the approval that have to do with accounting for downstream ecological effects, which he could easily, easily!!! suspend or remove. To create barriers to progress and prosperity and then blame the courts for enforcement is unbelievable. With the retrofits this PM is prepared to make that effects business so heavily tells the business world - "hey - we don't want your money!! We like squalor, deficits, unemployment and failure".

    That so many indigenous groups wanted and needed this pipeline - you know - the ones Al Gore, Suzuki, the CBC, the NDP NEVER talk to or quote, makes this idiocy with the US funded First Nations groups also a travesty. Try to accommodate the Indians you hate, Mr. Trudeau. You're the PM of ALL Canada.

  • Gil - 2 years ago

    As Mr Harper wanted to do:The Indian Act has to GO for the benefit of all.

  • R.Cacer. - 2 years ago

    it might be time to have the tough talk about reducing the transfer payments to both Quebec and the First Nations communities. A lot of hydrocarbon generated money goes to both but if neither want it, it should go to other needs instead. (Maybe to the communities who aren't opposed to it, childrens hospitals, etc.)

  • EDITH WALTON - 2 years ago

    All I am hearing is prejudice against indigenous people. WHAT SHOULD BE WILL BE

  • D Wylie - 2 years ago

    Why is it that importing Aircraft fuel from Korea and regular fuel from the US as well as all other shipping traffic on CANADA’S west coast does not get the same attention as exporting CANADA’S fossil fuels.
    And we import fossil fuel on CANADA’S east coast from other countries who have NO regard for human rights and no one complains.

  • Shelly - 2 years ago

    Honourable Eleanor Dawson Federal Court of Appeal judge who wrote the report damning the twinning of the pipeline is from Burnaby. Isn’t that convenient for one side of the battle

  • Khaled - 2 years ago

    The Trans Canadien pipe is important for all Canadiens is use in all the Arab and American oil export
    We need to export our petrol no to be slave for USA and Mr Trump
    Canada economy is falling down the federal decision should be defenitve

  • Edge - 2 years ago

    I agree with you Divk 100% but Brain BC has received transfer payments for 40 years because their economy is still not big enoug to sustain them for the amount they spend on keeping socialism alive.Most of that money came from Alberta.Oil will still come out of ground and go to US at cheaper rates and be ship to east Asia at higher prices then what we get. So again Trump wins,while he laughs at our Dimwit women grouping PM.

  • Kerry P - 2 years ago

    I voted and made a mistake in my vote as I do think that the court ruling was correct but I cannot change my vote. How many others may have done the same thing. I am totally against the pipeline being built and I'm sure that is not what you want to hear.

  • Jo Middleton - 2 years ago

    The majority of Canadians (that includes natives) know this pipeline makes the most sense so Canada can become a self-sufficient nation, instead of being dependent upon Arabian energy, and spills in Eastern Canada getting it there. Wind turbines and all other 'green' forms of energy are still dependent upon OIL, so turn off the fake TV news and do some homework. My father used to say,"if something doesn't make sense, you can be sure there is money involved". Other comments:
    •If the First Nations and NDP government are so concerned with harm to the whales, then why have they not complained and protested about the city of Victoria dumping raw sewage into the Straits (Puget Sound) for the past 100 years killing all marine life, food for the salmon which the whales require. Or stop or limit the number of ferry runs back and forth to the Island which creates loud noises for the marine life in the sound. This is all pollical so the NDP will get the support of the 3 Green party members and stay in power?
    How can 43 out of 46 bands sign on to the build, yet the Courst rules more negotiations are required.
    I wonder if the Tides Foundation pay off some Indian Chiefs again?
    Is this part of Trudeau's deceit plan to break Canada (which he has done in every way possible so far). Stall the pipeline, then buy the pipeline for billions, then stall thru the bogus court system?

    Lastly, how can it be democracy for an unelected official, to make decisions about Canada's economy? How is it possible Trudeau cannot overrule this? He managed to pay a convicted murderer a settlement of $10.5M through the courts- and that decision stayed in spite of a majority of protests, but the decision to allow this pipeline has been overturned by a minority?????

  • Elaine Reynaud - 2 years ago

    There is so much disparity in opinion I think the Federal Government should be called
    Upon to host a referendum! Before the next election. I'd like to see Canadians get
    To a Democratic vote.

  • Darryl Webber - 2 years ago

    What a farce; a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. We do not have a democracy in Canada. The majority of taxpaying Canadians do not agree with either the bastardized government we have in B.C (Horgan and Weaver---really ??!!), nor the lopsided decisions of the courts (the supreme court has been screwing the people who pay the bills for many years, with accountability to no one...). It's time for the governments (federal and provincial) to get their heads out of there nether regions and listen to the majority; I say find out what the average, taxpaying Canadian really wants---put these major decisions to a vote. And act accordingly. Unfortunately, our Canada doesn't have a PM who's capable of anything but 'selfies' with various minority groups, or this pipeline would already be built.

  • Jim Anderson - 2 years ago

    I just read Brians input. Not one speck of logic. He had to have failed out of KG. How can anyone be that stupid to the world around him . Hell the contination of the wildfires, both natural and man made added to all of the volcanoes that are busy 24/7 have done more damage to the earth in a month that humans do in a decade. (just a guess but a lot closer than Brians)

  • Ed Verburg - 2 years ago

    Everyone including the environmentalist use gas and oil every day. Some of your main supporters of the environmental group use twice as much as the rest of us to prove their point. Therefore I will start to respect their movement when they use absolutly no energy in any way. The windmills are killing a large quantity of birds and bats. In the south such as Arizona and Nevada were they have large solar farms birds are being incinerated on a daily basis. Birds and bats eat bugs, bugs such as mosquitos. Mosquitos transmit major diseases such as west nile, malaria and ebola etc. So lets think about the big picture and either walk everywhere or continue to use oil and gas but build scrubbers etc to remove pollution from the air. Pipelines are still your absolute safest way to transport oil and gas. And big oil in the states is supporting the environmentalist. really and you are taking money from them to support your cause

  • BOBMAY - 2 years ago

    Get parlement back and override this assenine court ruling. Just who the hell runs this country? 3 green votes and a few liberal seatsdumb dumb worries about. Even the Indians are divided! Time to put on the grown up pants pm do what’s right for tha country

  • Tim Tann - 2 years ago

    I agree with the ruling and this is why. 1) the claim of jobs is BS. These are temporary jobs. 2) building refineries creates long term jobs and with 100 years of tar sands oil these are by far more value to Canada. 3) suppling fuel to Canadians first means better prices to Canadians. 4) moving bitumen through pipelines or by rail is far more dangerous than shipping fuels in the same manor. 5) selling fuel to other countries again is far more valuable to Canada. 5) poor little missy Alberta will make far more money so she and her non foreign friends can afford big boats like the Americans are at our expense. 6) now shipping bitumen to other countries so Canada can lower our emissions that are destroying our planet can be lowered because we have the technology and for the most part people who actually care about global warming. Now we all know little missy Alberta could care less but she will be voted out so she is nothing more than a bump in the road.

    Now if you want to know where the money would come from well that waisted 4.5 Billion would have gone a long ways to fixing this problem.

    Ok now you can attack me although it would be nice to see productive ideas to make this work better. And hey let’s send this talk to our federal and provincial governments

  • AUGUST H kONKEL - 2 years ago

    This is just another cynical ruling by activist courts; the requirements for approval of a pipeline will continue to shift so a minority of fundamentalist activists can impose their narrow religion on everyone. This ruling gives Horgan the freedom to ship more coal since he has more port space for coal shipments and we all know that ships carrying coal do not threaten whales. Currently Horgan ships three times as much coal as all the western U.S. states. India will be expanding its coal needs for the next fifteen years. Horgan has a great economic opportunity he can capitalize on under the protection of the courts which will ensure coal always has privilege and pipelines are banned.

  • Jan Kuiper - 2 years ago

    I do not see an issue here, we can run the new pipeline along the existing one that is already there, we should also refine our own oil, we need this more than that site C dam, that we can do without, since there are many flaws in the ingeneering end of it, for starters they cannot build a dam on dirt, they need solid rock foundation which they do not have in that area.

  • Jack Ryan - 2 years ago

    I damn sure don't think the courts should even be thinking about this. This is "jackboot". The justice system should be dealing with acts of crime instead of trying to slow down our economy. Makes me laugh. Why did the courts allow the feds to use 5 billion of our tax dollars if there was any indication it would be shut down. Gives me the impression that this is some sort of a sting. Good God, people working in the courts have a job. Let other Canadians work so they can pay the salaries of those in the courts with the taxes coming out of this project.

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    I worked for 55 years. Paying taxes. I have always had a job, fed my family and paid my bills.... I have a right to vote and I vote in favour of this project. DO YOU ? Probably not, if you have time to sit on a hill to protest, I have probably been feeding you and your family for years. Get a life!

  • Jim Anderson - 2 years ago

    I should have added that those morons who oppose the sale of Alberta oil, like Suzuki, Horgan, Wagger, Little Moiss Greenie andAl Bore, will be able to fly out of Vancouver using Chinese jet fuel from blood oil somewhere on this earth, be it Venezuela bitumen, Saudi blood or Nigerian blood oil. All of the jet fuel courtesy of no tax money for Canadian education or hospitals. Irving is already processing Venezuela bitumen but it is not in our national interest for Irving to process Alberta bitumen? Your damn right it is in the national interest, just not Quebecs. Stop the transfer payments so Ottawa can force Alberta to separate

  • Edmund Wisty - 2 years ago

    Poll results are invalid. I just voted four times - twice for yes, twice for no. This means the poll is wide open to abuse by campaigners, both manually and using browser automation scripts.

  • Jim Anderson - 2 years ago

    I find it totally astounding that approximately 2 1/2 % of BCs population plus 3 people can rule Canada. This is no even close to a democratic ruling. It is a second ruling from the upper courts that give over powering strength to a minority population. There are a lot of Indigenous Nations on side with the KMX but their voices aren't heard in the courts. Somebody needs to point out that this is 2018, just as the clown prince pointed out it was 2015. We are not living in John A Macdonalds time but we are trying to rewrite our history, one lefty at a time. This pipeline HAS to get built for the sake of national unity. If Alberta was to vote to separate from Canada, I would be with them. Hell, they would get better treatment for becoming US states than they are getting now from their fellow countrymen. Sorry country persons. Bullshit it is countrymen. Fuck the PC .

  • Bernd Doberstein - 2 years ago

    What are they trying to do Destroy Canada, gas, and oil is our livelihood. They sure like transfer payments and cut gas and oil to BC for these idiots opposing the pipeline will wake up!

  • Ron - 2 years ago

    The federal government could put this project through in a heartbeat, they have the constutiinal authority to do so. The bill that passed the Senate, if passed by THE HOC, declaring the Trans Mountain to be in the national interest would prevail. This requires leadership, a trait prime minister Zoolander does not have.

  • Hiran Ganguli - 2 years ago

    I am a senior pipeline engineer/project manager/consultant working in the Canadian pipeline industry for the last 30 or so years. I have been involved with over 100 pipeline projects.
    Can I someone explain to me in plain English the reasons behind opposing this pipeline.

  • John Taite - 2 years ago

    If we are letting a couple of judges overrule the gov which is Tge people who we voted for tgen we do not need a government.I think it’s crazy that we have to abide by the courts decision.lets do Tge right thing and build the pipeline.

  • CMV - 2 years ago

    The Court rejected the KMPL on the basis of a) impact of additional marine traffic and b) consultations with the natives. I disagree with them on the following ground: a) there is a significant increase in marine traffic due to: passenger liners, cargo ships, exporting coal from the coal port and now the new coal port built on Texada Island, the increasing traffic of export lumber, each one of these and others has had a significant increase in marine traffic. Why the export of oil ONLY has the problem? b) the lifestyle of hunter and gatherer has been abandoned from this earth long ago . The expansion of humanity caused immigration waves that the natives like to call colonization. Well, if our predecessors had not colonized and signed treaties, Canada would have followed the example of the Americans or the Spaniards and have killed the opposing local tribes. That wouldn't have been better for the natives. Yes, Canada did not live within the limits of the treaty and we need to help the natives come to the 21 st century but I don't think we should feel guilty. The natives came to Canada immigrating through the bearing straights. Large other waves of immigration have taken place over the centuries...… NOBODY IS RIGHT IN TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY. Lets look ahead how to coexist peacefully and ignore the politicians that pretend to be super-ethical.

  • Sharon Davis - 2 years ago

    BUI:D THE PIPELINE don't be so stupid and Yes I believe that neither Nutley nor the piece of garbage down east ever wanted it at all, Stop the bloody transfer payments and throw out the trash in 2019
    before we have a shit hole country cause that's what is going to happen if we don't throw both out/

  • Jocko Gamble - 2 years ago

    Until the BC Ferries, the aircraft flying to Lotus land, the ships carrying the expensive cars from Germany and Asia, the transport trucks carrying all the produce and products to and from Lotus Land, and the trains with their 2 mile long tanker cars start to run on solar power, wind power or Unicorn Farts, we are dependant on oil, diesel and gasoline. All Alberta is asking is to ship oil on a current right of way with a state of art new pipeline alongside it to get fair market value. It is a product that every province, territory and person in Canada benefits from to power their economies through fuel for their vehicles and through the shared tax system. To all the greens out there, you would not be able to have solar panels, wind turbines or electric cars if it wasn't for fossil fuels. You need fuel to power the equipment to find, access, transport, and purify the rare metals needed to manufacture Green Products. I have yet to see Solar Panels and Wind Turbines and installation crews to install and maintain them being transported to the required sites by teleportation.

  • Rudy Hiebert - 2 years ago

    Did I see right - about 90 First Nations groups agreed with the KM project? What am I missing?

  • Reg Handford - 2 years ago

    I voted agreement with the decision. It is probably based on solid Supreme Court decisions. I DID NOT SAY I LIKE IT!!!! The decision is correct in law and hands the whole country over to our nasty native brothers. The situation can turn explosive and the courts will be flooded with lawsuits. As a Canadian even my house in Burnaby is on land claimed by several tribes. It is now clear they have the right to demand 'dialog' with the City. They could even demand dialog with me personally, a poor schmoo. Think I'm kidding? Look what's happened so far.

  • Ann Nibbs - 2 years ago

    This is Canada ,we are not a divided country like the U S. We might have provinces, but in the end it’s Canada. We neede the pipe line

  • Margaret Wasmuth - 2 years ago

    One problem it says is that First Nations were not properly consulted and it is their land. A ridiculous argument!!!
    If the natives want to be part of the entire culture, then lets all be the same. I WAS NOT CONSULTED on this isuue either and I have lived here for over 74 years, my parents, grandparents and also my husbands parents and grandparents and great grandparents all lived here, most of them pioneers who broke the land and endured many set backs - worked hard to feed themselves, never asked for welfare or handouts and now Canada in its entirety is having a problem because a few people compared to the entire population feel they 'weren't consulted properly' !!! What a pity party at the expense of all Canadian citizens.

  • Dieter kirsch - 2 years ago

    First let me say that the pipeline needs to be built for all the reasons posted by people other than myself. However this ruling is perfect in that it is placing the federal govt in exactly the position the private sector is in due to govt policies. It is the classic case of the govt, now owners of a major project, being the recipients of their own folly. All the consultation with Indians doesn’t lead anywhere other than kill time. All the worries about semi extinct orcas is a smokescreen. Our “ friends” the liberals and “ glorious leader” now are on the receiving end of their own arrogance and stupidity. Yes I know that the common man is going to be hurt financially by this ruling and the liberals stupidity. However there is a small glimmer of satisfaction watching the liberals squirm and try to put a spin on this. It is biting them in the ass.

  • Reg Garnett - 2 years ago

    Trans Mountain pipeline will benefit all Canadians and is of vital importance to Alberta. There is a lot of talk about oil tanker noise being harmful to whales, but if the pipeline isn't built, then oil by rail shipments will
    increase dramatically. Both CP and CN rail get to the coast via the Fraser Canyon. A derailment spilling oil into
    the Fraser River will devastate salmon runs. Oil by pipeline is much safer than oil by rail.

  • Alan Smith - 2 years ago

    How much consultation is needed with Indigenous people to twin a pipeline ? Realistically I do not see how we can keep Indigenous people on permanent welfare now.

  • William Jones - 2 years ago

    If the First Nations and NDP government are so concerned with harm to the whales, then why have they not complained and protested about the city of Victoria dumping raw sewage into the Straits (Puget Sound) for the past 100 years killing all marine life, food for the salmon which the whales require. Or stop or limit the number of ferry runs back and forth to the Island which creates loud noises for the marine life in the sound. This is all pollical so the NDP will get the support of the 3 Green party members and stay in power.

  • Gerry Samms - 2 years ago

    The judge just shot a whole bunch people in the foot , like the population of Canada, there will be a whole lot of people with less jobs and our dependency on foreign oil will increase while Canada has the third largest reserves in the world.
    A whole lot of communities will be at a much higher risk of environmental risk with the use of Bitumen rail cars, not to mention the extra handling of the product at the terminal as each car gets hooked up to pump out.

  • Dianne - 2 years ago

    Absoulutley ridiculous. , that pipeline is good for Canada and the people of Canada are all for it. This one judge is against, who knows if he right.
    When the majority of Canadians want this we are held hostage by a liberal government, and some judge..
    This is a sad day for Canada, the judge didn't take engineering, economics I can be fairly sure so because someone gave him a robe he's the be all authority. Typical of this government trying to run Canada.

  • richard marr - 2 years ago

    Judges are not engineers nor economist nor scientist and have know knowledge of the subject.

    I expect our Canadian flag will soon be perched atop a totem poll.

  • Firoz Rhemtulla - 2 years ago

    We import oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. It doesn't make any sense at all when we have oil in our back yard. It is probably these interest groups that are funding to have the pipe lined blocked.

  • Neal Vandergugten - 2 years ago

    We are ruled by a democratically elected government, judges are appointed by
    our elected representatives, so judges keep you nose out of politics, and stay home.

  • Clyde Barfett - 2 years ago

    I think John Horgan should look at the big picture of how many jobs will be lost and the money that will be lost to Bc and Alberta.
    Money that could go for health care and social programs and kids.
    Canada needs to stop importing oil from other countries when we have lots of our own.

  • Bryan Persson - 2 years ago

    The Attorney General and the Supreme Court of Canada should immediately overturn this ruling as it is incorrect and not in the Canadian interests. The so called First Nations objecting to this should have all Government funding cut off as well--this ruling is a case of the tail wagging the dog. Financially Canada must have this pipeline built. I believe that those objecting to this pipeline have no idea of the financial hardships that will take place if this courts ruling is allowed to stand!!

  • Allan Hicks - 2 years ago

    I voted “yes”, but support the building of the pipeline.
    “Yes” because the law was not followed.
    With all the best forces of the legal profession readily available, the proper procedures were not followed.....bloody shameful
    Why is it no one has thought it worthwhile to identify the “team” which was charged with ensuring that proper procedures were followed?

  • Russ Bolitho - 2 years ago

    I really can't believe that you would let a few people ruin our Country and most likely are paid by the American to protest the pipeline. When all along the CANADIAN PEOPLE WANT THIS PIPELINE TO GO THRU!!!!!

  • Alan Thomas - 2 years ago

    tern all taps off to bc wher nople no guts

  • Alan Thomas - 2 years ago

    tern all taps off to bc wher nople no guts

  • Ed Olenek - 2 years ago

    How can 43 out of 46 bands sign on to the build, yet the Courst rules more negotiations are required.
    I wonder if the Tides Foundation pay off some Indian Chiefs again?

  • Rah - 2 years ago

    With or without the pipeline there will bee increases in tanker traffic. Washington needs more fuel and it will get it from tankers. Vancouver prices will increase because we cannot compete for energy now. Those against pipelines claiming to save the environment are the ones now hurting the environment the most. More trains, Alberta exiting the federal climate plan......etc. Good job. P.s. if you want to save the planet by cutting down on emissions quite selling China coal and get our clean energy products to them.

  • R Sanders - 2 years ago

    I dont understand how one judge has the knowledge or power to shut this down. This pipeline is needed for Canada to grow. We cannot be totally dependant on selling to the US.
    We also must process this oil for our consumption rather than being dependant on outside sources.

  • Alexander Mullin - 2 years ago

    A unelected official, one who can not be recalled because of their bias, should not be allowed to have a say in the determination of our country. This one idiot should ‘ recuse’ herself from this decision and all future discussions. I maybe held in contempt of court, but I believe that all people should stand and say “enough” let’s get rid of this socialist government and have fair and open elections. The people are the one who should control this country, not those who subvert our ideals for their benefit.

  • Robert Lyman - 2 years ago

    See this analysis of the court decision.

  • Elaine Foulkes - 2 years ago

    My actual answer is yes and no. The FCA was correct in its ruling that off coast piece should have been included (i.e., their scope was too narrow). It was incorrect in judging the Oceans Protection Plan is inadequate (beyond the courts sphere of expertise). It was questionable in judging consultation with the complainant First Nations was inadequate given the evidence it offered to justify that judgement (one data source, narrative in style raises concern in any analysis of qualitative data)

  • RICHARD BRACK - 2 years ago

    When will it ever stop the bs. The country is held a ransom for a few this has to stop. The one who don't want this my be should not be funded buy tax payers anymore my vote says yes . But here in canada the majority always get the shit end of the stick it must stop .

  • Josh - 2 years ago

    We need the money we need the work. People against the pipeline are not willing to throw away their cars, busses and planes and don’t seem to care where the fuel comes from, if we sell our oil doesn’t mean millions of more machines will magically appear to pollute the earth, it’s us using our resources to get a piece of this money and maybe we can actually have funds for the technical advances needed to transition and lead into the new oilless or clean carbon capture world

  • Mikhael Sonjariv - 2 years ago

    Pipelines are absolutely the right way to move petrochemical products. The issue for BC was always what happens once the product gets to the coast and is loaded onto the super tankers. The increase in tanker traffic by the way will be at least 7 fold. For those of us who live on the coast and for the many whose livelihood comes from the marine environment, the risk is simply too great. But let's turn this around. A few years ago, Quebec shut down plans for an Eastern pipeline due to their environmental risk assessment. No hoopla. No big court case, no big deal. And no outcry from Alberta. Yet Easterners get a bulk of their oil from OPEC. So run the pipeline east. Send it to Sarnia and points east for use in the rest of Canada and stop importing a resource that we have. Honestly, the way this country is run makes no sense half the time.

  • Gerald - 2 years ago

    Does anyone really think that this wasn't the plan from the lieberals, they promised during the election to do everything right to get approvals from all concerned parties. With this governments agenda, to save the planet, is handing the environmentalists the time to plan their next attack to delay or kill this project. And now I see the same attacks coming from special interest groups, that the people that want this project are red necks, racists and intolerant, where have heard these statements before. I sure hope Alberta shuts down the shipments to BC and isn't there a pipeline supplying n/gas to Ontario and Quebec, think what that might accomplish?

  • Arlene Niemi - 2 years ago

    So very tired of the small minority ruling out country. Let's be smart Canada. This is the worst thing for Canada'e economy. We are in enough difficulty in this world right now. Time to build the pipeline!!!!!

  • Craig - 2 years ago

    Voting for this pipeline is like voting for an earthquake to happen.

  • Wayne - 2 years ago

    Unelected, unaccountble judges dictating to Canadians when the ecidence is that they are demonstrbly corrupt must end.

  • Troy - 2 years ago

    If the pipeline is not build the exact same oil will move by train at much higher risk of environmental damage. I don’t understand all these people who prefer oil moving by train instead of pipeline. Makes no sense. For the safety of our environment let’s get this pipeline built ASAP

  • Troy - 2 years ago

    If the pipeline is not build the exact same oil will move by train at much higher risk of environmental damage. I don’t understand all these people who prefer oil moving by train instead of pipeline. Makes no sense. For the safety of our environment let’s get this pipeline built ASAP

  • Robert - 2 years ago

    The Province run by Post Media up until this week was headed by same guy running The National Enquirer, need I say more? OK, conservative propaganda .

  • John Mcdonald - 2 years ago

    Dumbest ruling ever. Screw the Indians, they are going to get their share of the pie, screw BC bunch of tree hugging idiots. Hope you morons are fine paying 3.00/liter of gas because it'll get there if this pipeline doesn't get built. If you stupid Canadians enjoy welfare by all means continue paying it for the lazy Indians and white folks. I'm voting conservative and hope they have the balls to kick some sense into you morons.

  • Mary Jane - 2 years ago

    Yes, it was a great decision. It’s time for us all to put our thoughts to future generations. We need to direct our energy into protecting our environment at all costs. We need to think about our children. Money should be spent in alternative energy sources that do not harm the planet or ourselves. It’s time to move away from oil, and create jobs that support our environment not run the risk of destroying it. We should not have to fight for this

  • Julia - 2 years ago

    Not all Canadians are red-necked bigots. I'm relieved by the decision, as I feel that this issue needs to decided WITH the First Nations. In this era of (overdue) reconciliation, this is the only way forward.

    Fellow settlers, you need to remember who was here first.

  • Johnny - 2 years ago

    fuckin boguns - they dont understand that if they want EVERYTHING for nothin that this pipeline is good for CANADAS economy and that is who gives them everything for nothin -

  • Colin - 2 years ago

    Brian, bitumin can be made into gasoline, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, if you want you can tour the facility suncor baseplant. Tell the man you want to go to 5c-99. You’ll have to climb a few ladders and some stairs but if memory serves it’s the 16th nozzle on the tower. You can follow the line it goes to some other tanks with catalysts but you can definitely follow it. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the old lines from when it was great Canadian oil Sands... so they’ve been doing it since the 70s anyways... just so ya know, teachable moment...

  • Katherine - 2 years ago

  • Nick - 2 years ago

    This is a joke a total joke. Our NDP government in BC is a bigger joke. The green party is running our province and we need another election to fix this. What we need is the liberal government back in as at least they had a backbone. And Knothead in Alberta is on the way out as that was a huge mistake on that province's part. We need a Federal Government that can take the bull by the horns not some sad sack SOB that only wants to legalise pot what a moron we must look like a joke in the world's eyes. I LOVE MY COUNTRY but I don't trust the people running it.

  • Fed up - 2 years ago

    Ron Here
    Try voting again and see what happens moron. This is representative of the silent, working, middle class majority that is sick and tired of small, special interest groups being pandered to. They are most likely being funded by Tides, etc out of the US!! But of course you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  • Ron Here - 2 years ago

    This is a ridiculous poll. Anyone can vote as many times as they want and stir up disbelief about the number of stupid rednecks in our beautiful province. Big waste of time here.
    Move along nothing to see or learn here!

  • Indian Chief - 2 years ago

    Lmao I love how many people are pissed off at an existence of an entire human race. Its nice to know that my existence is enough to trigger your hate and anger. ☺

  • Dan - 2 years ago

    This debacle will result with the liberals being swept from power along with any notion that UNDRIP supercedes Canadian sovereignty. Canadian taxpayers have had enough with the anti-everything groups who unbelievably are often being funded by the Federal government.

  • Ralph - 2 years ago

    Well all transfer payments should stop to all aborignak and to BC and see how they like doing without. Alberta contributs the most for "equalization payments" and this ruling completely fly's in the face of EQUAL. Also the so called "first Nations" want more money, how is traditional ways for sale? Sad day for a once great country. To hell with the courts just build it.

  • Gerri - 2 years ago

    I would like to hear more about Brian's comment. 'Bitumen cannot be refined into gasoline'

  • larry truth teller - 2 years ago

    so the same rules would apply for the new native lng plant ,or do the rules only count for white folk

  • Sam james - 2 years ago

    The Trans Mountain pipeline needs to be stopped we are in the process of transitioning fuels that poison and destroy the Earth to clean energy why are we not focusing on that the Earth doesn't need to be ripped and bit raped and destroyed anymore do we really want to leave the Next Generation a dead Rock for a planet just over a couple of dollars

  • PETER - 2 years ago

    So the original approval was based on a report that didn't even look at the increase of ships and their impact on the area and a majority of voters in this poll think that is ok? Wow.

  • Nathalie - 2 years ago

    I totally agree with the ruling. The NEB process was flaud from the very get go and KM acted like a typical big oil company using this flaud process to their advantage. Sure hope Canadian wake up and speak up against buying this pipeline.

  • David Naugler - 2 years ago

    The Federal Court of Appeal currently has 16 Judges. Presumably decisions are by majority vote. To suggest that this pole is racist displays anti-democratic bigotry.

  • Paul Loader - 2 years ago

    If the oil sands where in Quebec then Quebec would be 100ft deep and there would be pipelines all across our country and no one would dare to complain. Just wait until the transfer payments stop and Alberts becomes a so called have not province. Then and only then will Energy East pipeline be built and welcomed by Quebec. The clock is ticking

  • tony brumell - 2 years ago

    There's your race based vote .Three to one against being fair or even honest with first nation issues.SHAME ON CANADA.Obviously a biggoted bunch of red necks .

  • SK - 2 years ago

    Fossil fuel is a finite commodity I believe it is a good time to look for an infinite solution . The trans mountain pipeline will be moot , the creation of it will not be needed or nessisary in our future as inhabitants of this world . Put the money and jobs into something permanent. Seriously what happens WHEN we no longer NEED this . This is a solution for a couple generations of greed . Then what ?
    Time to create different jobs that can equal the ones lost , Canada has many areas in all provinces filled with renewable natural resources and guiding into a new energy resource creating more long term permanent generational employment would be a great change . And if Alberta wants to be hot under the collar about it they should look at creating a refinement plant instead of shipping what is the cost difference and how long would it be before it payed itself off , Canada needs to be more self sufficient , but I guess no one wants that on their doorstep probably bad for air quality , chances of spills pollutants and so on .

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    Hey Micheal Szollosi.... at least Brian makes valid points as opposed to your opinion which is basically Zero!

  • bob hobbes - 2 years ago

    Canada is the 4th largest exporter of petroleum in the world. Most of Canada's exported petroleum is managed by foreign multinationals and piped to the US market. Canada imports OPEC petroleum to Central and Eastern provinces with some US oil going to the west coast. Building the bitumen pipeline helps the Canadian economy because China owned Husky and Nexen will be able to move their bitumen to their refineries on board their tankers. Think of all the permanent pipeline building and maintenance jobs that the Canadian government is buying with Canadian tax dollars to make this happen. What a deal.

  • Pierre Beret - 2 years ago

    Yes, this is a good fair decision. If you listen to the reasons given: 1) No Maritime risk(s) assessment?
    2) No consultations. Both are true and we should be concerned. If there is a spill(s), and there have been one a year with this existing very old pipeline (why this is not fix?). If you do some research on the last spill in Kalamazoo, you will read that 7 or 8 yrs ago, that spill is still "not" cleaned up, they just don't know how to clean it up (and that was on land)??? Also there is a Plan B, refine this toxic tar sand at the source, in Northern Alberta! We already have written off that part of the world (Northern Alberta) with toxic pollution we have created, might as well refine the product there. That will create truly Canadian jobs, not job overseas to refine our product. We already have spent $4.5B and maybe more will have to be spent. We also already purchasing oil from SA, why? Furthermore, it's time like the rest of the World, work on alternative energy today, we should have started many years ago. Furthermore, why sacrificing the BC Tourist industry by having this toxic tar sand "parading" thru BC most populated area, 4 Million people are leaving on this path (tankers path). This fact was even mentioned by the court. That's my reasonable comment.

  • Tony - 2 years ago

    I think this ruling against the Trans Mountain Pipeline is a sad day for Alberta and most certainly Canada. Alberta (especially Fort McMurray) has been the economic backbone for this country for the last thirty years or more. Killing this project is most certainly Killing good paying jobs for Canadians. Its given reality, the world uses/needs oil. Why should we sell our oil to the USA for a $27/barrel discount while inporting from the Saudi's for full price? Canadians need both the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the Energy East piplines built, the sooner the better. Why let a few First Nations bands hold the rest of Canada hostage over this pipline. The Federal Liberals don't appear to have what it takes to get this pipeline built. Hopefully the PC government gets elected and implements the right Legislation to make these energy projects easier to build. The sooner Canadians figure this out the better off we will be!

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