Which fashion line should the company keep?


  • MR.IT - 6 years ago

    I'M so tired of hearing, about who slept with who,get ovr it.hoop had a lame fashion show/Thorne,bring on the bedroom line &see what happens.steff,will get Mr.sorry,back no matter who's kid,Kelly is.

  • Jackie - 6 years ago

    I think it really bad how people are putting hope down and using bad words to make her look bad.hope isn't the one who sleep with her father law and she knew it was wrong when she sleep with bill she knew what she was doing she acted like leim sleep with Sally and he didn't. Hope wasn't in town when it happened and people are saying that hope cheated with Steffy husband at the time ?sorry she didn't break them up .Steffy sleep with her father law and how dirty is that.i do believe that hope will have a son and everyone is going to find out later that Kelly is bill daughter

  • Kim - 6 years ago

    I agree with Phoebe, can't stand Hope and Brooke.
    It should have been Steffy and Liam. I'm sick of Liam too.

  • Phoebe - 6 years ago

    I am so sick of Hope and Brooke! They are the same...always manipulating people to feel sorry for them where they always get their way...the writers need to let both of them fall flat on their faces without anyone there to pick them up. Sick of the writers always letting them come out on top of every situation. .it's getting pretty boring!

  • Dru - 6 years ago

    The HFTF line was awful...ugly from start to finish. I agree with a Alisha, do something different. Tired of all the same things over & over from love triangles to styling.

  • Malisha - 6 years ago

    Why not make a baby/children clothing line for girls in honor of baby Kelly.. This concept would be an original instead of a hand me down that was created by Brook..New beginning..fresh start.

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