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Posted 7 months.

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  • Rachael Parvin - 6 months ago

    Excited to get back into the structure of term but daunted at how much preparation there is to do before term begins! I don’t have children but I care deeply for nieces, nephews and Godchildren as well as around 100 young people aged 5 - 18 with whom I work closely either as Head of Centre or as their saxophone / clarinet teacher. (Around 10% are elective home educated.) It’s she students’ parents who are a bit of a nightmare as many don’t read or respond to the emails I send them (with very simple instructions for a one word reply such as Yes or No). That causes a lot of anxiety as answers are needed so that timetables can be planned and rooms and staff booked. Hey ho. It’ll soon be Christmas and that means a whole load of rehearsals and concerts, especially for a music teacher... yay! Keep up the blogging Benedicte. Love from your friend Rachael xx

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