Does Oscar's story make sense?


  • Lorrie - 5 years ago

    I agree with all comments.....soap operas don't ever have to make sense! I'm hoping for a Soap Miracle, keep him alive!!

  • Micky - 5 years ago

    Ridiculous story line. NO symptoms for 2 years, no treatment, mom kept it a secret! Pediatric brain tumors are devastating to families. Just look on the St Jude’s site for one example. If they had discovered a tumor tried surgery, chemo, radiation and showed the results fine. Or if it turned out benign and was removed and he had to rehab after or showed some “changes” fine. But this...ridiculous

  • Deborah Greene - 5 years ago

    Get rid of Ava, and let sonny be happy for once leave him alone.

  • TAMARA - 5 years ago

    Although Tamara Braun did a beautiful job acting as the devastated mother, (she even made me cry), I absolutely hate this story line !! I feel it is senseless and ridiculous. I mean, who on earth would believe that a doctor of all people would hide a terminal illness from her son who is BTW almost of legal age. Why would a reasonably intelligent teenager not question what is going on with his body and his health? I think they are really digging in the bottom of the barrel on this one.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    They better not kill him off get Patrick back to operate he will fix it

  • Gayle Weintraub - 5 years ago

    This is an unbelievable story line. Where did this come from? Is Oscar's contact over, what is going on, as this came out of nowhere, since Kim has been camping and making out with Julian, happy for Brad and Lucas, smiling all the time and suddenly we have this new scenario,. Hoping you are keeping Oscar, he is enjoyable to watch.

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