Did Mexico betray Canada by signing a trade pact with the US?

Posted 2 months.


  • South of the Border - 2 months ago

    For my Canadian friends I really feel sorry for you having a socialist weakling for a PM, but you Canadians voted him into power! He never really had a real job sucking off of Daddy's money all his life. Half my family is Canadian and they say that many Canadians hate President Trump well, they can hate all they want they are going to get the shit end of the stick whileMexico gets a fair deal and Canada will have to come begging to 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Trudeau tried to humiliate Trump after the G-7 and Trump is making him pay for it in SPADES. Maybe little Justin will realize who holds thw whip handle here, America will do just fine without Canada and Canada will learn that it is the JUNIOR partner in the relationship not the boss. You try to take on America and you lose BIG TIME!!
    Mexico was well within its rights with both Pena Nieto and AMLO agreeing to work together to get a trade deal done and they did America and Mexico 200- Canada 0.. That is what happens when the small try to play with the big boys and guess what Trudeau should go back to his SAFE SPACE since negotiating in Washington isn't so safe for him and his little children he calls cabinet members against Trump and company they are being eaten alive NO CHANCE at ALL Justin!! YOU LOSE!!!

  • Raine Guy - 2 months ago

    Geoffrey...your ignorance makes me laugh. That and your poor spelling.

  • Everett - 2 months ago

    There is no doubt Trudeau is out over his skis here, he has absolutely no leverage and what Canada has been doing with protectionism is clearly wrong. You can’t fault the USA, Mexico or Canada for trying to obtain the best deal for their citizens. Unfortunately Canada is like a state not a country when it comes to population and trade dollars, they are dealing with the biggest marketplace in the world and they have zero leverage... Holding back maple syrup, hockey pucks and cheese curds isn’t going to force Trump’s hand, sorry. NAFTA is not free trade and there was a mass exodus of jobs from the USA as a result. Things are getting reshaped with or without Trudeau’s approval.
    Obama took Canada to the WTO multiple times for unfair trading including dairy and Canada snubbed its nose, now they will reluctantly pay the piper... facts hurt.

  • Gerald Pion - 2 months ago

    Viva Mexico

  • Bob - 2 months ago

    Mexico has to first look out for Mexico and Mexicans. That is the primary roll of the top elected officials of any country government.
    Secondly, the Canadian prime minister is acting like a spoiled child by refusing understand how trade works around the world. If he is such a free/fair trade supporter then why does he have a nearly 300% tariff on dairy products from the US? That is looking out for Canadian dairy farmers first - yes, but this is just 1 product. Wwhat about the rest of the products that are made and 'dumped' on the US market at the expense of Jobs in the US? He acts like an impetuous child.

  • Don Taylor - 2 months ago


    It just came out that Canada tried to make a deal with the USA 3 months before the deal was made with Mexico I am Canadian And I would trust Trump over Turdeau any day of the week,Turdeua is a known back stabber more than once

  • Bob/Jennifer Price - 2 months ago

    Reality: Mexico got sucked into a bad deal. NO dispute resolution mechanism in Mexico-U.S. agreement. Canada will NEVER agree to a similar pact with a known rule breaker. Canada is a much bigger trading partner with the U.S. than Mexico...and it gives them big time leverage. Mexico should have waited for a Canada-U.S. agreement and they would have received the same. Not now. Americans already screwed Mexico over for Texas...and now another knee jerk! Crappy negotiating.

  • Armando Sixtos - 2 months ago

    Mexico have to look for them first like everyone else

  • Ron Stephens - 2 months ago

    Hey Guys, it's not "Americans" who are trashing Canada and Canadians, it's our dear President tRump. We Americans love Canada and Canadians...remember "Bush made me want to be smarter, Obama made me want to be better, Trump made me want to be Canadian". We love you....

  • M. Dale - 2 months ago

    Yes, the Mexicans have willingly allowed us to be isolated. A difficult situation for us. This is a fight of Trumps making. Not Trudeau’s. Canadian negotiators are doing their best to handle the bully. The civility of the negotiations is a breath of fresh air after ten years of nasty Harperites. Though likely Canadians will long remember how happy Americans are to trample their neighbours.

  • Jack Meoff - 2 months ago

    Not to worry a deal is never a deal with Trump . Last minute change will screw Mexico wait and see

  • don davison - 2 months ago

    Being “smarter than you think “ does not make double crossing and double dealing ok.

  • Geoffrey L Rogg - 2 months ago

    Trudeau is a wimp and who is PM by default not popularity. He is socialist trash like his Castro loving father. He thinks he can take on Trump but comes off pathetic. The Mexicans are smarter than many of you think and went ahead alone with the USA knowing that the little boy in Otowa will have to do an about face.

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