Was Clemson exposed at Texas A&M?

Posted 5 months.

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  • DSOTM - 5 months ago

    I keep hearing and reading that A&M “exposed” Clemson. LMAO. Yeah, sure. 1) We went into a hostile environment with 105K fans & GameDay and won. I’ll take that every time. 2) Jimbo had this game circled since the day he took the job… he badly needed an early Huge Win to justify that fat salary and jump-start his era. It was their freaking Super Bowl. For us it’s just another ho-hum game on the way to the CFP for the fourth straight year. 3) We were confident enough that we could throw a true freshman QB in the mix and not sweat it all. And just let the defense control the game, while calling a vanilla offensive game plan. 4) That QB Mond? I’ll lay 10-1 odds he never looks that good again. I’ve been watching football for 50 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB be so lucky. All those tipped balls that somehow fluttered into the hands of a WR that’s falling down for a TD or crucial 1st down. It was unbelievable. If just 1/2 of those are incomplete we win going away.

    Dream on, Gamecock fans. Oh, nice game against UGA by the way…..

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