Battle to Be the Best


  • KeithButcher - 2 years ago

    If the Bodywrecker hadn't wanted to " play with his food " first , he could have knocked Keller out cold with one punch.....

  • Mr Wood - 4 years ago

    BBW has just yanked his own shorts off and sits on Kaydens chest, puts Kayden in a figure 4 neck lock
    with his cock down Kayden's throat, and squeezed the fig 4 tight so Kayden can't breath.. BBW rakes Kayden eyes bringing a howl from Kayden. Then BBW reaches behind and grabs Kayden's balls punishing him like only BBW can. When Kayden passes out he picks Kayden up like he's a feather and slams him down across his knee into a backbreaker. As Kayden lays limp over BBW's thigh. BBW's boy, Mr Joshua, brings a permanent felt market to BBW who uses it to write LOSER on Kayden's abs.

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