If you have one, what is your preferred episode length?

Posted 3 months.


  • Lisa Smith - 2 months ago

    Hi Michael,
    Love the podcasts, and so glad you’re making them again!…I’ll enjoy them any length ( sounds a bit rude haha!)…....usually listen to them walking the dugs, so the longer they are the longer walk the dugs get!
    Aw rat best to you and the family - appreciate you taking the time to put these out, I remember how it is with wee ones to care for( had 4, all grown now)

  • ANDREW MCCOLL - 3 months ago

    If it's just one interview, mibbe with a tune at the end, 45mins is a perfect listen. Of course, if you've got more to cover (I like those little 'catch up' episodes and moments you include) then extend it as it comes. By the way, after Peat Worrier, who's the next star you're gonnae make ? ????

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