How do you feel about Tesla increasing the price of the Model 3 Dual Motor AWD

  • Bernt Granbacke - 3 years ago

    Really disappointed.The options that I need and really want, does already make the car really expensive. I'm a diehard Tesla fan, but if they don't adjust the prices for the options before introducing the car in Europe, then I'm about to consider other options. This last one might actually tip my decision over. Bummer.

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    They will probably drop the price again in January. I got AWD for $4K ($53K before adding paint and EAP) thanks to Electrek posting about it being available. It’s already so insanely expensive but the $1500 now $2500 saved helps

  • Andy Trieu - 3 years ago

    Seriously that is stupid. It was just 5000 last week and I was planning to get it. I am not gonna pay that extra 1000 for it now when i know people got it before for 5000. No one is stupid to pay the extra 1000 for it now. You guys gonna lose more business if u dont change it back. Bad idea!

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    I'm all for near term margin improvements to ensure Q3 profitability. With that being said I'd selfishly not want to pay the extra $1k on the option I'm still going to get when I have a place to hone charge this!

  • Marc Constantineau - 3 years ago

    I don't see how Tesla can make more money if less people buy the option! Come on $6000 for an electric motor, i think that Tesla is sending the wrong message to buyers who want a cheap car, maybe they're going to look somewhere else.

  • Robert Dean - 3 years ago

    Only rich people can afford the 3,I wanted one at 35000

  • Jason Pleaner - 3 years ago

    Makes the decision of AWD vs. RWD a whole lot easier now. Would have loved the AWD and would have gone for it at $5k, but not now at $6k.

  • Jo - 3 years ago


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