Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Vote

Posted 2 months.


  • Uma - 2 months ago

    Riythu we like to win the bigboss she is honest we like most most most ...........Behavior.

  • Uma - 2 months ago

    She is good charchter open speech we like her.

  • Jeyasathiyaruby - 2 months ago

    Mumtaz. Velila pokanum

  • Kamal - 2 months ago

    Of course Rithvika is playing good.
    Mumtaz is so adamant.
    Vijiyalqsmi I hate her tones n she is ???? fox

    Aishu of cuz she lied but the thing if she ask to sendrayan to do the task for save her from the eviction he wouldn’t do that. All the contestants wants her self to go eviction. But what ever other contestant did to others even I can do that too. But Aishu cut her long hair for sendrayan it’s a big think. And the same time she accepted what’s she made it. She never deny. , but her big problem is laquage. And also the hitler task I don’t felt any thing wrong what she did to Balaji. If I am in that situation definitely I slapped him with my seruppu????. I have two kids.

  • Diya - 2 months ago

    Vigi go out

  • sivanathan pragash - 2 months ago

    மும்தாஜ் வெளியேற்றப்படவேண்டும்.

  • Aravi - 2 months ago

    Get out aisu

  • Vickneswaran - 2 months ago

    Mumtaz must go because.she thinks still queen never done any tasks correctly.wake up late and ask others help.provk other loose temper then she play the game as stand back this weekend if she would go then I will not watch B.B. anymore.

  • kokulathas - 2 months ago

    ஐஸ்வாியா வெளியேற்றபட வேண்டும

  • Vignesh - 2 months ago

    I like rithu

  • Babu - 2 months ago

    Kamal is stupid, he is a asshole,fucking old guy have no idea how to run the show, he make mistakes and say people not vote , big boss fucking bull shit, people don’t fucking waste your time , everything planned drama including kamal, if is ture why kamal sent his both daughter for big boss

  • swati - 2 months ago

    பிக் பாஸின் வெற்றியாளர்கள் இவர்கள்தான் 1-ஐஸ்வ்ரயா 2 யாஷிகா 3- மும்தாஜ். மக்கள் வாக்கு எல்லாம் கண் துடையப்பு. சென்ராயனின் வெளியேற்றத்திலிருந்து எல்லாமே முன் கூட்டியே திட்டமிடப்பட்ட்து.

  • Shajena Chandrakumar - 2 months ago

    I like Rithu and Viji because both so sweet

  • jeyanthini chandrakumar - 2 months ago

    i like Rithu she want to win the big boss title

  • Vinothini - 2 months ago

    I like mumtaz

  • Vinothini - 2 months ago

    I like mumtaz

  • Kathu - 2 months ago

    Aisu og out.

  • syamala - 2 months ago

    ishu oru irritating , cheating , drama queen, neeli kanir, totally waste.

  • viji - 2 months ago

    ishu veliya poganum .avaluku anghu iruka entha thaguthiyum illai . kobam,cheating,ellam iruku avalai poi save panna parkiringa negalum same charactera irupinga.

  • ranji - 2 months ago

    vijiyalaxmiya vidda poi pillaiya kavanamam paakka sollunka muthalla avala veliyila anuppunka unkalukku yaar nallathu kudathu theriyatha kamal sir. aduthu rithvika enakku thupparava pidikkela akkala akkala thevaiyillama kool muddi virrathu thaan nalla pilla mathiri. muntaj avava save pannunka mattathu yasvarya paavam ellarum senthu thalikkinam. muthalla vijiya velila anuppunko ellam sariya varum ok ithu ennoda request thanks

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