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  • Linda riddle - 3 years ago

    Where would people be without the help of wish . So many people know if they need anything at all they have a place to go .

  • Carolyn Mulkern - 3 years ago

    All ready did so

  • Linda flynn - 3 years ago


  • Janet F. - 3 years ago

    Number 1 all the way

  • Linda Riddle - 3 years ago

    I hear wonderful news on what the Wish program provides . Blessings to all the people that keep the Wish Program going .

  • Janet - 3 years ago

    The Wish Project is truly an organization that is dedicated to helping the community by ensuring that the less fortunate are given aid and opportunity to decently live.

  • Carmen - 3 years ago

    Very thankful with this organization. With their help I can help a lot of teenagers and babies in need. I really appreciated all you work and support. Thank you

  • Maureen - 3 years ago

    The Wish Priject helps SO many people, I hope they win.

  • Anita Saville - 3 years ago

    Budget Buddies envisions a world in which ALL women and girls are economically empowered. We seek to reduce the disproportionate number of women and women-headed families who live on the economic margins by promoting financial literacy and self-esteem. Through programs that combine a comprehensive and customized series of instructional workshop with personal coaching, participants gain the confidence and skills they need for greater economic stability, sustained employment, increased educational opportunities, and better housing security. At the same time, our volunteer coaches gain a greater understanding of the challenges low-income women face and the opportunity to make a true difference in their lives.

    Over the past 10 years we have expanded from Lowell into Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, Nashua, and Boston and created a Spanish-language version of our program. This fall, we will launch our first Girl's LIFE (Learning Independence through Financial Education) for at-risk teen girls.

    And our program works! By graduation 71% of the women in our programs feel confident about their ability to manage their money, vs. 21% when the programs began. In addition, 67% of participants typically use a budget (up from 14%), 75% typically put money into savings (up from 31%), and 92% typically pay their bills on time (up from 55%).

    For more information, please call us at 978-703-0820 or visit our web site (www.budgetbuddies.org).

  • Kathleen Flynn - 3 years ago

    A very worthwhile organization that empowers women, often in unexpected ways. The efforts of the founders, leaders, volunteers, and professionals at JDCU help all women with their financial knowledge and self esteem which strengthens families. Hooray!

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