BB Tamil Week 14

Posted 5 months.


  • Binukrishnan - 5 months ago

    All guys get out in big boss house all our fake

  • Sandy - 5 months ago

    Riythvika is a good player
    Pls vote for riythuuu

  • Surrsh - 5 months ago

    Bigg boss we are not a fool , you save aiswarya always , for your trp rating , dont show us a fake voting results

  • LOGESWARY - 5 months ago

    How can the Aishwarya will save... every week she saved...

  • S - 5 months ago

    i dont recommend to blame on some one as they are fraud. Mumtaz deserve to stay Bigg Boss as she is the one only person whose more bold and not fake. Hats Off to Mumtaz for being bold and love with everyone though they hurt you a lot :)

  • Ranajan - 5 months ago

    Think well people, Rythvika may have behaved well, (acting or true doesn't matter). But if all 15 participant behavs like her, Bigg boss will be so boring to watch.

  • shrewd hunk - 5 months ago

    nowadays people has gone mad mainly youngsters yaruku support pananum ethuku support pananumnae theriyala everyone is seeing the outter beauty aishwariya is not fit for this.................fucking society.

  • V.Sureshbabu - 5 months ago

    Wht Aishwarya said was correct, kamal sir should’ve have given red card, coz it’s game & she played correctly using her strategy, when it’s comes to a game everyone will do d same to win, u cannot say that she lied, even though she apologised And Vote For rithwika and mumtaz has to get out

  • Majasmine - 5 months ago

    Rithuvika win pannanum put aishu out pannanum

  • sinthu - 5 months ago


  • Venkat Jagaduri - 5 months ago

    For All who are against Aishwariya, You think you have have not lost your mind in your life. Please roll back your time and tell you behaved in the way you want to behave then you can advice.
    You all know tamil people only advice and not get in to any thing.
    You dont want to girls to wear short skitrts, call it culture but everyone watch girls in short skirts. take this attitude, be open but be respectable in grace. appreciate others welcome other thats TRUE Tamil culture.
    Support a tamil Girl but not disrespect YASH or AISH. They are at-least speaking this much tamil, do you think Rithu or Janani, can go to Mumbai BB and survive a day. For get North, Can they participate in Malayalam, or Telugu BB, No Way !!!. This is Tamil we are always a closed community and thats Y we are shrinking. ONCE A LARGEST in all facts. TAMILIANS Now even being sent out of our own lands. is because WE ARE NOT WEEK, BECAUSE WE ARE LIMITING OUR SELFS. FIRST LIMITING FACTOR IS WE DONT ACCEPT OTHERS, WE ARE AFRAID. WE HAVE NOTHING So YOU ALL CHOOSE People with NOTHING.

    FINALLY DID YOU SEE Janani COMING Successful in FINALAY THATs TAMIL SPRIT. For not ARAV, Jan would have lost. He distracted Yasika. But Kudos to Janai. She played very intelligent and was strong, first believe in herself. and fight to last.
    This was not in VIJi So stop supporting her.

    I REQUEST Stop Having a opinion based on actions. Look the scenes deep and understand the quality, put yourself and be a judge. If the god has to remove you from the earth for the reason you gave to Aish, Remember most of us will not be in this world.
    All evicted before 25 years of age and hope we will never create a SANDADI.

    So lets wait for Big boss decision. HOPE AISH STAYS.


  • Ramamoorthi kadaladi ramanathapuram - 5 months ago

    ரித்விகா வரவேண்டும் ஆசைதான் ஆனால் பாலாஜி தன் குடும்பத்துடன் சேர இந்த வெற்றி ஒரு வாய்ப்பு அதிகம்

  • Mani - 5 months ago

    Pls save mumtaj

  • Sihav - 5 months ago

    I dont believe people are still voting for Aiswariya; this is show you how easily can fool you with tears and sympathy, cover her inhuman act and still people are trying to make an excuses to save her. i'm sure this is part of the TV crew to save her from elimination and make their TRP higher.

    i already stop watching tamil bigg boss, tamil people been played by Aiswariya and Bigg Boss, this is show how ignorance tamil people can be and foolish by others so easy.

    watch Telugu bigg boss much better than tamil in terms of dignity. over here tamil people are become fool and Kamal sir is name spoiled because of this Aiswariya incident. last weekend shared voting on tv and i dont know what's he going to do this week to make justice,

    last week tv crew try to keep aiswariya in the shadow by bringing family and this week old house mate so that people forget about all her inhuman act in the past. check past 7 weeks what they gone through to save Aiswariya. if you are smart enough then you will notice all the cover up and also Aiswariya is smartness how she used others to get eliminated and stay away away from elimination, and how she pushed others to get out and make them look bad. if you dont see that then you are the fool

  • vibin - 5 months ago

    Really aishwarya save thana

  • vibin - 5 months ago

    Aishwarya chllm really great

  • Deepi - 5 months ago

    I mean making fun of ur mum

  • Deepi - 5 months ago

    People saying aiswarya as an evil... U guys must be in her place first. U will support making function of ur num, and u will support without hardwork win will come. She may be not playing truth fully but her desire is truthfully towards final, doing every task and not giving up. All the guys in BB targeting one girl then wat she will do except getting angry and showing her off... But she is not acting... She knows bcz she thought she may list but not to earn something and she knows she cant hide it long and people are watching her... Tamil ponnunga support pannanga but wat janani is doing there is just talking behind and wat viji doing is showing attitude and always being with selective people... Think guys..

  • Pandi - 5 months ago

    Pls eliminate mumtaj, or aishvarya

  • Matty - 5 months ago

    If Aishwarya is saved this week then there is no point of watching’s a fake program.....increasing their TRP.

  • Nish - 5 months ago


  • Jayapriya - 5 months ago

    If Aishwarya saved this week also means it's really waste of time to watch BB.

  • Jayapriya - 5 months ago

    What the hell happened to u guys. Who n all supporting Aishwarya n telling save her save her are supporting evilness.. r u guys really justifying her lies n inhumen actions. I hate this. If she is good means sendrayen is bad ha?.. if sendrayen not deserve to be in BB means no one else. N she's not a child. She knows to lie n she knows to cheat n she knows to disrespect someone means she also knows what is good n bad. N which action of her shows that she's good. I think she deserves elimination oly not title.

  • Mmdd - 5 months ago

    Vote ishu...she very innocent person.

  • சங்கர் - 5 months ago

    கமலுக்கு தெரியாமல் இருக்க என் அவலை ஐசை அனுபமா இருக்க கமல் செர் தான் நட்டம் உள்ள மதிப்பு இல்லாமல் பொகும் . போன கிழமை iyswarya காப்பாத்துன நாள் முதல் நாங்கள் bb பார்க்கிறது இல்லை. மக்களின் vote அட விளையாடாதீங்க.vijay tv மேல் மக்களுக்கு இருந்த மதிப்பு இப்போ 0 தான். மக்களின் மதிப்பைப் சம்பாதிக்க முடியாது. அது மனசுல வச்சு கேம் விளையாடுங்க. சரியான மாதிரி மனசுக்கு கவலையா இருக்கு. ஏன் இப்படி செய்றீங்க.

  • Prithy - 5 months ago

    Pls save Mumtaz....

  • vani - 5 months ago

    pls save aishwarya

  • Mnm khalid - 5 months ago

    Awiswariya and rituu

  • Sarah - 5 months ago

    Dear Friends,

    Please vote for Aish as she's honestly a nice person. Tq

  • Manikandan Sekar - 5 months ago

    Aisu must be out this week if she is not going means something wrong in Vijay tv and script next time than don’t tell people saved u guys only saved her no on like her . People hate her

  • Dewi - 5 months ago

    Viji and riythika

  • Dewi - 5 months ago

    Viji and riythika 10000 vote

  • Dhavinya - 5 months ago

    I am veri happy .. this week save aisu
    Ava nalla ponnu than

  • Raja - 5 months ago

    Aishwarya must go this week, if not then this game show just foolish came. people need to see how she played others weakness and how smart she is playing and using emotion as protect shield.

    make her pay for what she done to others. if you are still voting her and saving her then you are another stupid person who doesn;t have no brainier.

  • Raja - 5 months ago

    people need to eliminate Aishwarya and try to understand her manipulation. she try to get others eliminated by playing with others weakness, take an example how she played Ponnambalam by provoking his temper and creating sympathy her self. then playing with Sendrayan trying to be friend with him when Mahat eliminated; also with Balaji try to make him angry put trash over his head and try to make him angry and push him to limit to get her self sympathy but didnt work and big brother saved her that week. big brother always try to saved her many times where you are voting or no but always saved her. therefore this evil person have to leave. Mumtaz is just bad as Aishwarya but not to Aishwarya is extreme. i hope she will pay for what she done for others. she is using emotional way to get through elimination processor and playing behind others weakness. she is very smart, if you dont see that then you are the stupid one who is trying to wasting your vote on her.

    Make the best one to go through the final.

    there are some stupid people vote to save her because she's so emtional and good looking but dont see how she is playing others.

    dont be one of them get fooled by her stupid behavior. try to be in others shoes who has been victim of her act.

    make the justice by voting others instead of this stupid Aishwarya.

    thank you

  • Rajes - 5 months ago

    Such a lazy person Mumtaz and full of sickness. Why want to join BB2 with attitude. Because of Mumtaz, Rithi had to go for direct nomination. Mumtaz is fake and and favouring Yashika and Aishwariya. Mumtaz so much complain cannot do this and that, saw the promo can dance happily, then where your pain go. When housemates ask to do work, then my body cannot take it. Full of drama, and can say to Kamal sir that your conscience is clear. Full of fake drama and showing attitude. She's not a deserving contestant for BB2. As for Gayatri, please stop supporting Mumtaz, you have watched BB2 when you came to the house. Why do you need to support her that she did her task well for not colouring her hair. Most of the task she did not do properly and was sleeping like a ???? in that house saying in pain and wearing high heels. Also Mumtaz and Ash spoke in English, other housemates had to jump in the pool and she didn't even want to do that and not even an apology to the housemates. Basic courtesy but like to talk big only. Was your conscience clear?? Mumtaz is such a waste and only want her own way out. When BB1 time, cooking 1 person take in charge, her when she in cooking team need 2 person as morning she has stiffness. Evening no stiffness, no back pain, can wear high heels and also can dance. You had this attitude that's why you didn't get any films to act for about 8yrs. She's full of drama queen with BB2 housemates

  • dhanaraj333 - 5 months ago

    Morning when i vote for viji counting not increase but i not dat for Ais its going up. What happen on this voting system?? Hating too much this BB sistion.....

  • Suresh - 5 months ago

    Hi to all well said Aishwarya is really good in character people we understood it later... The real crime is Mumtaz

  • Krish - 5 months ago

    I’m keep voting to viji but it’s not adding with her votes but it’s adding with aishwarya’s votes ... what’s going on.. it’s totally fake... we are not fool ... kamal sir please look at the voting system / leave from big boss ... I’ respect you like my father.. please find the true numbers of vote... it’s very important. “ not only in big boss “

  • Nish - 5 months ago

    Poison bottle so lucky to reach final... But u not DESERVED....

  • Nish - 5 months ago

    Wow guys U'll so great.... Mr. Kamal chk out this.... People know who's honest... Hey Aish people likes U lot... Will support U Aish & Yash too... We love U girls...

  • Ria - 5 months ago

    Yaarda adhu Anandjeeva? Olunga English eluthuda goiya payale. Aiysu kedkidha?
    Housemates act as slaves as to Mumtaz. When she is removed, the house will be normal and undaunted and un haunted.

  • Vignesh - 5 months ago

    Yeshvika done with single hand and water level was high. Yeshvika should be the qualified for final

  • Anandjeeva - 5 months ago

    Save Aish..and i am love u

  • Anandjeeva - 5 months ago

    Save Aish..and i am love u

  • Pandiyaraj - 5 months ago

    Save to Aishwarya

  • hema chatri - 5 months ago

    save Aishu

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    Yes correct. I think something is wrong in the voting process. Viewers please see to it.

  • Amar - 5 months ago

    என் குடும்ப ஒரு லட்சம் ஓட்டு மும்தாஜ்கு போட்டோம் அந்த ஓட்டு எங்கே?எல்லாம் பொய்

  • Nazra - 5 months ago

    Plz dont vote for viji she is too much.

  • krishna - 5 months ago

    aishwaraya dog go out...bigg boss luv dog..

  • laleetha - 5 months ago

    Vote for Ais ... she is very good

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    If sendrayan was cheated by makal would have evicted aishwarya...Btw last episodes sendrayan has also lied...This can also be the reason ryt??

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    Sendrayan got evicted because of Makal..they didn't vote...U can't simply blame on her

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    vote for aishu.....

  • Pavi - 5 months ago

    Vote for aishu

  • Waran - 5 months ago

    எல்லாமே பொய். ஐஸ் இவ்வளவு ஒட்டா?
    உங்களுக்கு பொய் ரொம்ப பிடிக்குமா?

  • Mmdd - 5 months ago

    Save ishu

  • Abdul Kareem Jaharul haq - 5 months ago

    Ais,In the house really genuine person,she motived game win staterge only
    Please yours vote.....

  • Niroshan - 5 months ago

    Even Rythvika also lier why bigg boss not mention it
    Janani playing too smart
    Only one that aishu genuine

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    Tht's her strategy...U can't blame her...Even she sacrificed her hair...

  • Noor Banu - 5 months ago

    Aishu is weak we understand but she made to be weaker by kamal without giving correct judgment

  • Naveen - 5 months ago

    Save Aishwarya

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    If Oviya support Ais not fair all should vote Ais. 1thing Hitler Ais cannot be Oviya. Oviya always true. But This Ais sure can't...lying is not a strategy for everything in whatever aspect.

  • Khana - 5 months ago

    Please save Aiswarya .Muntaz is not feed to be in the show.She can't do any task.Lazy pig.
    Not even morning dance.

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Morning when i vote for viji counting not increase but i not dat for Ais its going up. What happen on this voting system?? Hating

  • Khana - 5 months ago

    Please save Aiswarya.Even OVIYA support her.
    She is genuine not acting.From Malaysia Puchong.

  • Banu - 5 months ago

    Not possible to stop voting for aishu

  • Banu - 5 months ago

    Not possible to stop voting for aishu

  • Deena - 5 months ago

    No ashwariya has cheated sendrayan.she is very stubborn.pls guys don’t vote for ayshwarya.

  • Parvathi - 5 months ago

    Viji should be evicted.....She is so dominating....She acts as though she knows everything..but not..aishwarya is like a mirror...what u give she gives back to you......she is not like balaji who is talking at the back...I think viji is interfering in everything...she is not minding her own what other contestants do...rithivka also got changed because of that nomination task...Rithvika janani and viji joined as a team and said aishu said so many lies..but the truth is these three of them said stupid lies...That day when kamal sir projected the kurum padam...they didn't go and apology for their mistakes....This what Rithvika janani and viji"s true face...All the problems came because of only janani and the name Vesha bottle actually suits her....Aishu is not dependent to yashika....They both are frnds....They roam, sit,sleep together....because of tht u can't say she is dependent to yashika...the oly person who understanded aishwaraya is yashika oly....Balaji is in the bigg boss just to make fun....not to win i guess..even nithya said you must win for me and our child..he didn't take it so seriously...even in the finale ticket he was just cracking jokes...instead of concentrating in the task....Just compare the last episodes of bigg boss 2 and present would know who's true colours have been come out....Aishu should stay in the house....My opinion is aish should win...Even she is not a tamil girl...She is an indian girl...Even aish is not going to win...I will surely support her..

  • Amar - 5 months ago

    Bigg boss mumtaz ellaina bigg boss porguradu waste so plz vote for mumtaz i m vote mumtaz☺☺☺☺

  • sarayu chaaru - 5 months ago

    i vote for aiswarya..... she is genuine and real in the house....

  • Sita - 5 months ago

    Save Aishwarya

  • Tara - 5 months ago

    Wht Aishwarya said was correct, kamal sir should’ve have given red card, coz it’s game & she played correctly using her strategy, when it’s comes to a game everyone will do d same to win, u cannot say that she lied, even though she apologised, but now who lied Janani & d gang, now they’re saying miscommunication ????
    How stupid & bad to say,

    I think in dis game u shouldn’t smart play coz this is big boss

  • Jessylia - 5 months ago

    Please vote for Ais. Tq

  • Irf - 5 months ago

    Kamal sis’s action was not good on last week.he was damage aish too much.she has life out side.but kamal spoiled her today’s episode prove aish didn’t tell anything wrong only Janani and rithu did Kamal doing same for both????so all plz save Aishwarya

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Vantaarai vaala vaikkum tamilnadu aanal irupporai kai vitdruma. I vote Viiji but tbw counting increases to Ais. Very sad y this?

  • Nish - 5 months ago

    So so biggest lier is Poison bottle... now last week Kamal vanished Aish for nothing.... so this time will he do the same to Janani the poison.... coz last minute Kamal said he’ll do to any one.... looks like Last week Sunday campaign for Kamals election????????

  • Akash - 5 months ago

    Aisu ..was a strongest contestant ....but vijayalakshmi was BB2 next juli ,ignore it and vote for aisu???? ???? all the Best....

  • Jan - 5 months ago

    Rithvika and janani also had a miscommunication but no one ready to saw the made wrong... they have planned to out aishu in very cheap way... ????

  • MJLT - 5 months ago


  • Niki - 5 months ago

    My vote is for Aishwarya

  • Niki - 5 months ago

    My vote is for Aishwarya

  • Tara - 5 months ago

    Watch today’s episode, ishwarya is genuine, Wht she did was correct according to the task, this is all a game , v need aishu in BB house

  • Nishanth - 5 months ago

    I like Aish.... I’ll vote

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Plz la! Guys dont save who always arrogant in BBT2. Aiswarya nie poi cinema chance theduma. Unakku BB set aagele. BBT vitdu poiruda chellekuty!!!

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Plz notice dat voting count in proper or not something cheating happen der. When vote my favorite its very slow increase infact i count when i vote. Y this? Kamal Sir!!! Plz voice out on dis matter its not fair

  • Aslam Nelli - 5 months ago

    Save Aishu

  • FERNANdo - 5 months ago

    Still support iswariya

  • kavisakthi - 5 months ago

    Ishwarya is very honest girl in this please vote ish

  • ravishanket - 5 months ago

    Aishwarya is arrogant no manners and polite is it she female? I totally not agree her to continue in big Boss plz eliminate her and nowadays Mumtaz too non charactic just making fool on public as acting as judge......,I think Vijayalakshmi to vote or Balaji....

  • Anonymous - 5 months ago

    This is all a setup. It’s a waste voting for the contestants. Or even watching big boss. They have already decided to save Aishwariyaa and Vijayalakshmi.and eliminate mumtaz. This whole week mumtaz been cornered and been targeted by everyone. It’s so obvious that Vijay tv has decided to eliminate mumtaz . Viewers please wake up. Either protest and stop mumtaz from getting eliminated or stop watching big boss. This is exactly what happened to sendrayan. My point there should be a fair game. Don’t try to fool the viewers

  • truth - 5 months ago

    I CAN SEE SO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE VERY RACIST. I AM NOT FROM INDIA BUT I FEEL SAD SEEING ALL RACIST. why talking about tamil, bengali, north Indian all. all of them from india. what is HONEST showing that you sacrifice your hair, shave, put tattoo is it. mumtaj is honest and got guts to say no even she knows everyone will blame her. she true to herself n not lying as she care to get good name. everyone sad and regret after the sacrifice task. is that feeling really a sacrifice. all fake and do it just to make name thats all. i don't care who eveyone voting but in this world being true and honest getting so many negative names.

  • Charles - 5 months ago

    This week also iawariya saved.
    Mom or viji send out bb house
    This is a trp bb rool no 1

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Yes i also note y vijay tv not fair. From yesterday i note dis for Viji n Mumtaz the vote increases after long time but for Ais always going up. Kamal Sir plz voice out on dis matter. Last week sir show graphs on voting but the things is y voting not in properly?

  • Kowsalya - 5 months ago

    1st eliminate Riythvika over though him ????

  • Jessie - 5 months ago

    Something is wrong with this voting panel. I’ve put 50 votes for mumtaz but her votes didn’t increase at all. This shows that big boss has already decided to eliminate mumtaz and save Aishwariyaa and Vijayalakshmi.

  • Punitha - 5 months ago

    Audience did u all watch Katdi pudi vaithiyam Viji first ask sorry n hug Hitler Ais. But did u all noticed What Ais do... Ais always vanjans to others

  • Sathya - 5 months ago

    I put 20 vote t Viji but it’s not increase her vote count Viji tv thk t increase aiswarya vote count. It’s waste f time t put vote. Wt ever vijay tv thk tht person ly l come in final

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