What was the best Daring Do Episode?

Posted 2 months.


  • Misscellanio - 2 months ago

    Patton Oswalt rules

  • Joshua Moudy - 2 months ago

    Apparently, some people just hate the very first episode where we're introduced to Somnambula and the Sphinx. Sad.

  • Pliohippus - 2 months ago

    Read It and Weep will always be my favorite because it feels somewhat allegorical to my own personal journey as a brony.
    For the first couple months, I was almost ashamed to be a fan of MLP, and the fact that I watch this show was my most heavily guarded secret. (If I heard my front door opening while I was watching, I would switch the TV off so fast you would've thought I'd been watching porn!) Now, though, I fully embrace my bronyhood--even having had a yellow pegasus piñata at my birthday party last week.

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