Can a 25-member city council do a good job of serving Toronto residents?

Posted 5 months.


  • Donkey Kong - 5 months ago

    So, 8 hours later, the poll has the NO ahead at 53 percent. In that 8 hour period, I have watched that NO climb from under 20 percent accumulating all sorts of votes while the YES has not moved even one vote and has stayed at 9677 for 8 hours. The poll is compromised by an autoboot program or some jerk refreshing his cache constantly.

  • Donkey Kong - 5 months ago

    The poll has been corrupted. The NO is generating far too many NO votes very suddenly.

  • Utelme - 5 months ago

    Good Job Rob!!!!

    Love it. Too see all those useless socialist politicians get escorted out of the legislature because they can't stand it.

    They probably think he's going to start next with how many seats in the legislature. This is a someone that knows what the people have been wanting for along time kick out all those useless money grubbing no talent porkers sucking the tax dollars into their pockets.

    Keep it up Rob the working People are with you.

  • Steve Lombardi - 5 months ago

    Hey Tru Dat

    I missed you


  • Donkey Kong - 5 months ago

    The people have been starved of Democracy for so long they don't know what it tastes and feels like anymore. They do now. The people are going to need to be fed now and again, so, you will see the new Premier growing and harvesting more Democracy for the people where and when it is needed.

  • Tru Dat - 5 months ago

    Interesting that Doug is going with 'the people of Toronto told me this is what they wanted' shtick. Perhaps a municipal referendum would clear this up. Surely, Premier Ford wants to know the true will of the people, right?
    Lol, who am I kidding...this is Doug shitting on Tory's car hood, nothing more.

  • Tru Dat - 5 months ago

    Yowzers! It's almost like it's internet hour at CAMH. Fuck me, one tard is thanking Rob Ford, the dead crackhead! I see Slobbering Steve is having trouble with simple concepts as well. Lol, surprise, surprise!
    This is working out Douggie gets his 'gerrymandering tattoo' right on his forehead. Good job, Doug. This won't come back to haunt you at all.

  • Donkey Kong - 5 months ago

    Get them all out and then hopefully vote out that useless Tory. Talk talk talk and the gun murders continue. Useless. Ford is right.

  • Brian Thoman - 5 months ago

    I would also like to suggest that in order to properly run Toronto as a city, we need less than 25 councillors, even that is a ridiculous number - look for daily performance metrics on these councillors and you will find very little. When you let the Rabbits guard the lettuce, this is what you get, pork barreling, and nothing more. These guys are huge slackers on the public dime and provide very little value to society.

  • John - 5 months ago

    Council and Tory wasted thousands of dollars fighting the premiere, WASTED! Way to go Doug! Stand up for the the people of Ontario! THANK YOU!

  • holly - 5 months ago

    How can any of us vote in good conscience after this incredible stupidity? They don't care about anything other than losing their jobs. They are proving that they are indeed dysfunctional! What an incredible stupid mess this is! They should all be fired for acting like entitled children!

  • steve lombardi - 5 months ago

    So we have minority government and if one party dose not agree they will call an election .So Nino
    how many elections are we support to have in a year when one party doesn't agree with the premier?

    Sorry bud it still doesn't make any sense. but than again who am I

  • Nino - 5 months ago

    VINCE, I agree that City councillors have not done a lot to brag about, but it is not because of the 44-member council. It is because of the bad councillors. City council with 25 councillor will not solve the problem. For example, the province is run a premier and the cabinet ministers – totaling about 15 people. What good have these 15 people done for the last 4 years under the leadership of the liberal Kathleen Wynne?

  • Nino - 5 months ago

    STEVE, by increasing the boundaries of the ridings, resulting in less ridings and accordingly less MPPs, will not prevent political party from forming majority government. Your argument is flimflam.

  • Steve lombardi - 5 months ago

    Thats why he has the MAJORITY and for the record you still don't make any sence.

  • Vince D. - 5 months ago

    What has John Tory and the 44 councillors done for Toronto these past 4 years? That's fact and indisputable. Do you really think 47 would do anything different the next 4 years? I've never seen my councillor in my neighbourhood and I've never gotten any of my concerns addressed. They don't represent anyone except themselves or those who bribe them.

  • NIno - 5 months ago

    Ford's aligning the city wards with the provincial and federal ridings doubles the number of population (110,000 from 60,000) one councillor will represent. It makes perfect sense to increase with 70 per cent the boundaries of the MPP's riding and consequently cut their number from 140 to 80 - saving taxpayers $145 millions. Aside from the cabinet ministers, the rest of the MPPs are just "yes" men and parties professional clappers costing us $400,000 per MP per year who has taxpayers paid vacation for 3 months.

  • Steve Lombardi - 5 months ago

    MPP are the ridings in Ontario Nino you want to compare the city of Toronto to the amount of people in Ontario, these are ridings across Ontario so your question doesn't make sense.

  • Nino - 5 months ago

    The cut of city councillors will save us $25 million (Ford's calculations). However, cut of 1/3 of the useless members of the provincial parliament will save us $150 million. WHY the premier for the people do not cut the MPPs????

  • R Cameron - 5 months ago

    It's amazing just how far wah,wah Tory will go to keep his overgrown fiefdom in the trough. Whining to the Trudeau kid? It's all of those leaches and lefty members of the Toronto public that want everything for nothing but on everyone else's tab. Ford's right all around so far and those other "has been" Mayors simply want to assure their past job perks aren't diluted or questioned in any way.

  • Alfred Kraft - 5 months ago

    Well done Doug Ford! The city does not need 47 councillors...... each with their own agendas so that nothing ever gets done. 25 hardworking councillors are more than enough to run the city competently and efficiently.

  • Alfred Kraft - 5 months ago

    Well done Doug Ford! The city does not need 47 councillors...... each with their own agendas so that nothing ever gets done. 25 hardworking councillors are more than enough to run the city competently and efficiently.

  • Utelme - 5 months ago

    Good Job ROB!!!! , Canada need more Rob Fords. It's just refreshing he's not backing down or compromising on reducing the size and number of politician. If you believe the incumbent Mayor legal fight with the province is mostly because Ford poses a direct threat to the Lefty Liberal adgenda's, which of course we all understand disrupt, distract, misdirect. They don't want the gravy train derailed where big government and bureaucracy rules. The Mayor could care less about it being less representative and more about the Liberal gravy train they are use to having. A less expensive government small "C" is what the majority of voters demand now or risk allowing the creations of another Kalthleen Wynn.

  • JJ - 5 months ago

    I think it will be better than a 47 member council. I don't really know why
    the Mayor has backed a legal challenge against this. This is a waste of
    taxpayer's money.

  • Wayne Fraser - 5 months ago

    I'm hopeful a 25 member council can run this city efficiently, as long as the downtown left-wing loons are eliminated or voted out of office and Tory, if elected finally grows a spine.

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