Will you choose iPhone XS or Samsung S9?


  • HAN ROZA - 5 years ago


  • DONNELLY - 5 years ago

    i would choose IPHONE for it is more expensive on the market and costs almost twice the S9

  • Mubulu mudenda - 5 years ago

    The xs max is the best

  • Arthur Willison Jr. - 5 years ago

    Pretty much ever since the smartphones came out i've used almost nothing but android's with the exception of the first phone I had was an Iphone 1 and i truly hated that phone, which I have no explanation except that i couldn't get it to do anything that i wanted so I tried using an android and at first it was a little difficult especially after only ever using those old flip phones, but i got used to that first android very quickly and have loved them ever since. I once had a Galaxy Note 2, I absolutely loved that phone and i started learning more about technology at that time and it was the first phone that i could give root access to, that really tickled my fancy, but then i started messing around with it way too much and one day i got brave and decided that i was going to flash my rom , well that bricked it and nothing else could happen with that one. I tried so hard to be able to afford another one of those phones but never could. Well one day i decided that i could afford a little more money on a phone and chose to get a Moto Droid Turbo and OMG i hadn't felt like that about a phone since the time of the Galaxy Note 2 and i kept that thing for like 2 years. Then one day i stopped in Verizon Athens, Ohio where i found the Moto Z Play so i decided to get a plan, i fell in love with that device almost immediately, that one got paid off and the Moto came out with the Z3 Play and i went ahead and got locked in to another 2 years, but evfer since i've owned these Motorola's i really don't want to go to any other device i don't think any of them will ever hold up to my standards and they definitely dont have the specs that i chose.
    Thank you Sincerely
    Arthur Willison Jr.

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